Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Year ahead...

You might have heard the news by now that we have just signed the contract to rent this amazing Farm up on a hill here in Ibiza. All 6 of us will share the house together, and we move in on 1st of January. Talk about a New Year!!!

When i look back, i am amazed at the speed things have moved. When we arrived home from our adventures in the UK on November 2nd, we got down to some serious thinking, praying and talking about the real possibility of living together. I took to the idea of sharing a larger place straight away, as i get on very well with the others and i think i'd add alot of colour to community life - especially in the kitchen! The thought of a large community farm excites me. I cannot wait to work the land, grow fruit and vegetables; keep chickens and other animals.

Early on too, we all felt that this farm wasn't going to be just for us, but that it'd be a place to host and look after some of the people that we come across during the crazy summers. By this i mean people who come here to work and get burnt out or hurt along the way and need some space and time to heal and relax. I hope our farm will be that kind of place.

As with any change, i have both hopes and fears. It's a new chapter for all of us, and i know that life will totally change for all of us. Soon, the dreaming will be over, and the day-to-day living will begin, with both ups and downs. But i don't want to be negative or pessimistic - far from it.

Best of all for me is the large kitchen. I think the kitchen is THE most important part of any house. It's funny, as the house i live in at the moment has the smallest kitchen you'd ever see. You can't even swing an ant - let along a cat. With both Helen and i in the kitchen it feels like you're waltzing together just to get to the fridge. But our farm kitchen has...wait for it - a Bread Oven! Awesome! And a fire place in the corner, with a separate pantry area. We'll have a huge long table and get a few pews for us to sit on i think. I can already picture the meals we'll all be having together in that kitchen!

Fancy coming round for some food?