Thursday, October 8, 2009

The best T-Shirt?

During the summer i got given an amazing T-shirt by a really really great friend called David. He has worked in Ibiza in the West end for a couple of seasons now, and it's been a pleasure to develop such a great friendship.

Anyway, when he turned up at the prayer room at the start of this season, knocking on the door around 2am, he was wearing this t-shirt that he'd got from Topman of all places. He said he knew that I'd like it - and he wasn't wrong. It's got the words: 'If you don't get on with the Devil, Jesus will always take you back.' And it's got a picture of a woman (looking quite devilish) next to a Church and a sign saying 'All returns accepted, no questions asked'. He said that he wanted to give it to me, and a few weeks later, it was in my possession. It's now my favourite T-shirt ever!

How awesome is the message on this T-shirt? And the fact i got given it by someone i met in Ibiza is pretty cool. It's got The gospel all over it!!! The sign saying 'all returns accepted' reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible, one of the greatest stories Jesus ever told. The youngest son takes his share of his inheritance and turns his back on his father and goes to a far off country (a modern day version might have Ibiza as the country) to spend all his money on wild living. After running out of money and his friends have left him, he decides to try to get a job feeding pigs, and is desperately hungry. He makes the decision to go home and face his father, worried that he might not be accepted. But the fathers heart is amazing, waiting and ready to accept back his rebellious son, with full forgiveness and in total grace. Jesus told this story to tell us what God the father is like, and it's a pretty awesome message!

This story is relevant more than ever today. Jesus - the exact representation of God - is ready to welcome back anyone who has gone and danced with the Devil, no questions asked. Fact!

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