Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am now at my Mums house in Lincoln. It's lovely to rest, to have a full English/Roast dinner and to recharge the batteries. I'm hoping to see a couple of mates here and there, but mainly to just chill before heading home on Friday. I wish it was longer, but I'm glad of the time.

At the moment i am gathering as many books on prayer as possible. I feel that over the summer I begun to hit a level of prayer that was effective, yet somehow i knew that there's so much further to go. To be fair, one of the main activities that we do over the summer is prayer. We pray for individual needs, for the broken and the hurting, and also for the holiday makers that we meet. Deep down I know that there is so much more i need to learn and grow when it comes to prayer. I mean i feel I only at the tip of the iceberg. There are times that i pray for someone or something and then end up hitting a dead end. I can pray for someone's addiction, yet i want to see them set free. I know prayer can do this....

The term 'spiritual warfare' is constantly batted about in Churches, yet to be truthful, i don't know much about the subject. I traditionally thought that this specialist area was assigned to Church members who tended to lead extremely serious, yet boring and dull lives. Now I'm thinking about this all myself and in desperate need to find fresh teaching and i have a heart to learn more.


Emily said...

Bruce, good post! I've just come from a small group meeting talking all about spiritual warfare and dong things in God's strength. We've just had a great series preached on the "Call to Action" at my church (you can download them at - Strong in His Might, Goff Hope is particularly good on this topic).

Also have you read Jackie Pullenger's book Chasing the Dragon? If not then do so! She describes time after time how the Holy Spirit came to release people from heroin addictions without any cold turkey - mind blowing and awe inspriring just as to what God can do if we put our trust in him and the gifts that he has given us! I know I haven't learnt from it as much as I could/chould have done.

Anyway... yeah just felt that I should share that with you. Hope the searching gets you deeper into God and be encouraged about the things that have happened over this summer in Ibiza - God is there and you are his hands and feet in the West End, loving the people that others may not. You guys are doing amazing work and I'm gutted I wasn't able to come out this year - there's always next time!

I hope you enjoy your rest and relaxation back in the UK.

Love and prayers, Emily

Bruce Gardiner-Crehan said...

Emily...thanks for this. And thanks for your encouragement. It'd be great if you could come out here again sometime in the future.

Yes, i have read 'Chasing the Dragon' and it was so inspiring. I was challenged in my prayer life after reading that, especially in speaking in toungues and waiting on God to show his power.

Now that winter is here i can spend more time learning and growing in this area - so bring it on!

Hope you're well