Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best Summer yet!

Yes, it's been forever since i last blogged. I have so many reasons for that, but now i have plenty of time to get back to doing some blogging and there is alot to catch up on.

We finished our last night out on the streets last Thursday night, which was sad. All of the main clubs have closed, with only Pacha open at the weekends, and many of the bars and clubs in San Antonio now shut for the winter. There are a few places still open, but the place is slowly becoming a bit of a ghost town. It's always odd seeing the West-end like this, as only one month ago it was still incredibly busy.

The Centre is still open, and i'm here now, and we've had one person in the whole time. Many of the workers have gone, but the few that still remain are going this week or they live here all year round.

We had our end of season meal at Villa Mercedes on Saturday. It was such a treat as we celebrated yet another amazing summer gone. The food was fab, and we had a few drinks too. That night we danced in Soul City - Yes! Soul City, as they had their closing party too. I still don't like the bumb and grind of R'n'B, but we gave it stacks for about an hour, with inspiration on how to do the grind all around us. Thankfully, we didn't copy any of them!

I promise i'll be on it with blogging, and continue to let you know what's going on.

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