Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3 on the Finca

We are now all in our new home and our 3 guests from Northern Ireland went home this morning. It was great having them to stay, mainly to help us with all the moving and shifting and to join us in drinking a few bottles of Rioja. The last 2 nights we´ve just sat round the fire telling stories and having a laugh.

I haven´t showered since Wednesday (i´m a bit smelly), as the boiler heats by solar power, and it´s not really giving us the hot water we need. I couldn´t face a cold shower! I´m dreaming of those huge bath tubs that you heat by putting some hot coals underneath. We might have to share the water!

The laughter stopped abruptly this afternoon when our solar power equipment sounded an alarm to tell us we were out of power. No way!? Just so you know, we have no other source of electricity apart from an oil-powered generator, which we haven´t filled yet. But we really didn´t think that we´d need to use that on our third day! We were told solar power is fine even on a cloudy day and it stores up electricity too. At least we have a fire - our only source of heat. I reckon we´ll all struggle tonight with no electric blankets nor any water at all as it gets pumped from our well! Can this be any funnier?

Tracy rang our landlady, who until tonight i thought was a legend. Yet she´s not really that helpful - and with no water whatsoever (the water is from the land and is pumped up - needing power), no electricity...i´m thinking she´s not my favourite person

It´s an incredibly exciting time for me, even though we have these little problems.
We have bread, we have wine, we have a fire, and we´re together. That´s good with me!

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