Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love stories. Whether they be funny, sad, inspiring, painful or even romantic. My favourite usually involve swords and fighting and saving people and defeating evil, and of course, kissing the girl that's just been saved. Or maybe they are just in my head.

Now, I wouldn't consider myself to be a great storyteller; I'm not a great communicator nor have the confidence to make any up. Last night three friends come over from Northern Ireland to help us move and join in our adventure. To be honest, they are Brian and Tracy's friends, but now they're mine too! 3 guys called Stevie, Brian and Chris. They were all telling funny stories of their travels and adventures and we were laughing long and hard. Truth be told, we were all drinking Rioja and were on our fourth bottle...

But i have a story. It's of life, risk, faithfulness, stress, excitment, and above all adventure. The main character is God, and he takes the star role, saving me at the last minute! No swords - thankfully. I'll post it on here so you get to read it.

It'll be the kind of story we tell each other whilst sitting round the fire in our new house, years from now. We'll tell it to each other when we're finding life hard. I'll remind myself of it when I'm trusting in God to meet my needs in a time of worry. Do me a favour? Please remind me of it in a few months...

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to reading it!
<3 KT