Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Onion Cam

Keep updated on how well we're doing with growing onions. I'll post a photo every few weeks with their progress. Here's the onions after about 4 weeks of TLC. They were just small seedlings when we planted them, and now look at them. Spring onion anyone?

Joint 30th birthday invitation

Hola Amigos!

You're all invited to attend my joint 30th birthday bash with my twin sister Nicole, on Sat 18th April at The South London Pacific, Kennington, London. Nicole is my extra special VIP, so please come along and meet her! My good friends behind the Sambalanco Soundsystem are hosting the party as a one off special, so please make it even more special by coming along if you're around. It's set to be a road block! Quote 'Bruces Bonus' and you'll get in for £2! Job done!

Check out Facebook for more details by searching 'Sambalanco'.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cala Comte Sunset

Yesterday, Helen and her two friends and I all went in search of a sunset. We drove to Cala Comte and were not disappointed. We were treated to one of creations amazing spectacles, with not a cloud in sight and just a simply breathtaking sun service.

It reminded me about what Ibiza is all about; the magic, the beauty of creation, even the search of meaning too. I know that sounds clique, but watching something as beautiful as a sunset just stirs you inside, and makes you think about the world, life and your own purpose in it all; the question of why am i here?

On the other hand, I'm also very much looking forward to sitting with thousands of other sun-worshippers, drinking in creation and feeling the excitment of life once more. Bring on summer '09!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fig Trees

We are so lucky to have a number of beautiful Fig trees on our land, and none more so than this fine specimen. Although this tree looks empty and bare, there's the tiniest hint of the fruit to come. From looking at it, you wouldn't think that life could come from such a tree, being so gnarly and grey and old. It looks weary, and completely messy. Branches hang everywhere and grow in a thousand directions.

Yet as an observer, i only see the outside. I wonder about its roots. Are they healthy? But the big question is: will this tree bear much fruit, and good fruit at that?

I feel a bit like this tree. All messy and a little empty. Yet i hope...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Keeper of the Bee

Today Helen and I were invited to attend a 'gathering' of Bee Keepers by our friend and Spanish teacher, Solveig. I got my first ever 'taste' of Bee Keeping, and i was a tad excited about it. We were lent all the right protective clothing and head gear, but in the back of my mind i had to believe that the Bees wouldn't sting me. This belief was tested big time, as at one point i must have had at least 200 Bees on my head. At first i was none the wiser, as they were all around the back of my head gear, and it was only until a few experienced professionals gave me some assistance. The only gutting part of the day is not tasting any honey. But after seeing the TLC that is put into the process, i think it'd be wrong not to buy some.

Throughout the day i was listening and picking up some Spanish words and phrases and being given the odd lesson by some helpful Spanish speakers. I really think my understanding of the language is growing. Maybe this time next year I'll be on the way to fluency? And keeping some Bees?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today, the four of us set to work on a corner of our land and planted 4 rows of Spuds! It took us the best part of the morning to dig - in the rain i might add, and after some back breaking digging, we put down two lots of manure (very smelly), and then laid the precious seedlings to rest and covered them over.

We now have to let nature do its thing. There's nothing more we can do apart from help to water the crops, and some prayer. We're not sure when they'll sprout or when we can harvest them. It's all very nerve-biting and exciting all at the same time.

Pictures of our farming endeavors will come soon - i promise!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Elements

Water. We need it. Desperately! Not for drinking, but for the land. Our cisterns are pretty empty - so we're really wanting it to rain. Lots. (I wonder how people who have NO water cope - not even fresh water to drink).

Sun. We need it. Not as desperate, as it's sunny most days here, but we're still very dependant on the sun for our power. If we can get through the day and night without switching to the generator, then it's been a good day.

So we need it to be sunny during the day and for it to rain at night. Ummmmm....that's a big ask. Is it possible?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finding Caves

The six of us thought it was high time that we explored some more unmarked territory around our land, so out we all popped for a wee walk. However, it quickly turned from a ramble in the countryside to a proper trek, at times scrambling up hills and over huge boulders. To be more precise, our mission was to find some caves that are apparently dotted around our land. Sadly, we never found any, but we have on good word from our landlady that they are out there. So the search continues...