Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayer Team 2010


We've had the Prayer team out here with us until Saturday, and they were AMAZING! 5 of them are currently undertaking TRANSIT, a year-out with 24-7 Prayer, doing training and living in community and learning about the Bible and Christianity. The other person (Casey) has been to Ibiza on a prayer team 3 times before, so it's great to have her back again.

On Tuesday night we spent 6 hours in prayer and worship, having signed up to 24-7 'Prayer for Europe'. During the evening, we spent time worshipping God and lifting up Jesus and then we gathered together to pray for the nations of Europe that were on the list that week; Ukraine and Iceland respectively. I invited several people from the Anglican church and around 8 or so people turned up which was ace! They joined us for an hour in prayer for our Island of Ibiza and we were all very encouraged. This prayer for Ibiza will take place once a fortnight and I am well excited at the thought that every fortnight we'll be gathering in our Centre to pray for Ibiza.

On Wednesday we spent some time with Roy and Catherine Dixon on their land, praying over their vision to dedicate their land to God for His work. They bought the land many years ago with the hope to build on it, but the guy who sold it stitched them up and the planning permission they thought they had was a complete lie. We all went up to the land – which is beautiful – and prayed with them and asked God to bless them and the land and dedicate it to the Lord.

On Thursday we walked along the coast at Cala Comte (gorgeous beach) up to the watch tower there. We then clambered across the rocks and sat at the very tip and looked towards San Antonio. From there we prayed for San An. It was a special moment, and we read Isaiah 62 once again. This chapter of scripture has just been such a key part of this week, giving us an idea of God's heart for his world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Clubbing Adventure from 2008

In the summer of 2008, one story stands out in particular. At the start of the summer I got to know a singer called Kym Mazelle a little. She was over in Ibiza promoting her new Gospel band and got in touch with 24-7 Ibiza. She used to come to Ibiza in the 80's and 90's, doing lots of live PA's and did a lot of wild partying, so her name pulled crowds easily.

I found out that she was singing at an event called 'Ibiza Full Moon Party', a party that was going to take place under the moon. Me and 2 friends were up for going along to support her and dance and pray. When we got there, we were gutted to find that her gig wasn't due to go ahead for whatever reason things didn't seem to be organised and instead of it being an outside gig, everyone was inside dancing to the DJs.

Kym was quite disheartened, and didn't want to sing without her band, and was quite worried about going back into the club. She preferred to be outside and for the people to come to her. But Michael persuaded her to go ahead and sing, and to not worry that her band wasn't with her; there was a DJ, some beats, and lots of people dancing, so why not take this opportunity to sing out and witness about her faith in God? She was very cautious and needed a lot of encouragement. Michael just seemed to have all the right words and encouraged her greatly. You need to know that although Kym's background is in gospel music, she got very deep into the whole Ibiza party scene – the darker side of it all - and got pretty sucked into it. After hitting rock bottom, she turned back to God who ignited her passion for people and for Ibiza but now her reasons for coming back to the Island had changed. Hence why she didn't want to go back 'into the clubs'. But she was persuaded, and so we said a quick prayer and in we went.

It turned out to be one of those nights that you never forget. Once in the club, which was really packed, we made our way over to the raised platform upon which the DJ was playing. Many people were dancing on this platform too, and so access to the DJ was very easy. The promoter didn't seem to know what was going on and seemed very incompetent, so Michael just took control and sorted out a microphone for Kym and plugged it into the DJs mixer. The DJ seemed not to notice, and so we carried on.

Kym then just sang out about her love for God and about his great love for us, and we were there alongside her dancing and praying. She sang over the music, and people were just mesmerised by her loud, big, soulful voice. It contained power, and she seemed to sing of her relationship with God that just made sense. At the end of it many people just came up to her and asked her about what she did and who she was. It felt such a great witness to God. It felt that on a night that creation and the Moon was worshipped, we actually got to worship the one who created it all.

I danced and praised God, and had the biggest grin on my face. Who says God cannot be worshipped in the most unlikely of places? God just cannot be contained in temples built by human hands and his presence is everywhere, even in a packed, sweaty club full of people dancing to the beats.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures in Clubland

I love clubbing, and as you can imagine, living and working in Ibiza means lots of opportunities to see the best DJs play the best clubs. The choice is endless, whether it's Sunday afternoon clubbing out on the terrace or some uplifting trance at Amnesia. We often have some cool stories of our clubbing adventures and i've recently sent one to my friend Jon Oliver who I worked with in Bournemouth when he was the Club Chaplain. We went to a club called 'Slinky' on Friday nights and got to know clubbers and as we chilled out struck up some conversations with people.

Jon has recently written a book called 'Night Vision' and also blogs about clubbing too. He ran some highly successful 'Church for the Night' events in Bournemouth too - that still go on - opening an Anglican Church in the heart of the town during some very unusual hours of the night - roughly 11pm till 6am. This meant many clubbers stumbled in after their night out and suddenly had a desire to talk about their life, write down a prayer or just sit in silence. This event still goes on and is run by Michael French and his team. Michael spent a summer with us in 2008 and he's top guy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Visit to the UK

I'm heading back to England tonight to see my family and to celebrate my 31st birthday with my twin sister Nicole. Christine will join me up in Lincoln too and will meet my family and help to celebrate. I'm of course really excited to get home and see friends and family and have a break before the start of another busy and full-on summer. Time for a rest and to put my feet up.

Looking forward to going over to visit Christine in Belfast as well. We're hoping to do some fun things together (mostly eat tray-bakes) before I catch a flight back out here on the 20th April.

It'll then be a matter of days before Neil comes to work and live here - and he'll be moving into my apartment. The flat's pretty much ready for him to move into. I wish him all the best as he, alongside Claire and Christine, all prepare to move out here for nearly 6 months to work and help 24-7 Ibiza.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Prayer for Europe

Have you seen the move to pray for Europe by 24-7 Prayer? It looks like that the focus is back on this awesome continent with fresh vigour and us guys in Spain want to get involved.

We've got our Prayer team here in the last week of April and we're hoping to kick off the summer with some focused prayer. It'll be great having a team of up-for-it volunteers helping and aiding us in praying.

We'll be praying for San Antonio - for all the people that we know who live and work in this great place; for God to visit people and reveal himself; for God's power to be shown; for strength and courage for all of us living and working out here. We'll also be praying for the nation of Spain too.

We've signed up for a slot on Tuesday 27th. Sign up here If you've got the heart and the time to help us pray, then do get involved and contact one of us.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Living Beautifully

I love this phrase so much.

I think it was Mother Teresa who used this phrase - and i for one think she did live such a beautiful life. She cared for the broken, the dying, the hurting, the forgotten, those with disease that meant they were ignored, the rejected. She did this for no fame, no money - nor did she want position or title. Now that's beautiful.

Jesus Christ also lived beautifully too. In fact, he did the ultimate, he gave up his life for humankind - the most beautiful and precious act a person can do for someone. He dies in our place, so that we might know God the Father. He took upon himself all our sin and shame and guilt so that we might go free. WOW!

So what does it mean to live beautifully?

A beautiful life is one that is poured out for others in service to them - not wanting to get something out of it.
It's a life that looks to the inner beauty of a person's heart and not the outward beauty that is so often praised in our society today.
A beautiful life is generous with resources for those that are overlooked and uncared for.

How can i live beautifully this summer here in Ibiza? That's a question that is on my mind right now. I desire Christ to cloth me with his beauty this summer - that's a good place to start. To be clothed with his kindness, his compassion, his justice, his forgiveness. I really don't think i can do it otherwise, or find it from anywhere else.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunshine and Beaches

Had one of those moments today when i was driving down to Ses Salines (the salt flats) to go for a walk along the beach and whilst i was driving down there with the choons pumping out the car, i was like....'WOW, i'm living in THE most amazing place and serving THE most amazing God.' I was taking in the lovely scenery and the gorgeous sun (which has been shining for the last week!).

Do you ever have those moments? I love them. Long may they continue.

The trickle of tourists is beginning too, with many bars and places now open and soon there'll be masses of people. I'm actually looking forward to the Island getting busier and life returning. I just hope that amid all the work and people i get to walk along a beach and remember what life is all about...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

When I Survey the Wondorous Cross

Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Empty Prayer Wall

Our Prayer Wall: EMPTY!

But think of this: In a matter of weeks, we'll have our first few prayers up there, written by random strangers, tourists and workers alike. By October of this year the Wall will be full of prayer requests and there'll be no room for us to put any more prayers up. What a great problem to have? We've got the Prayer team arriving in about 3 weeks and i hope that this wall gets covered in prayers and words that scripture that lays a really strong foundation for the summer ahead.

We've already had some prayers via our new website, but we won't be putting them up here as they're slightly more private. We will also continue to enable people to pop their prayers in bottles in the prayer room so that no one else can read their private message to God.