Friday, November 28, 2008

Farming and Spanish

2nd lesson in Spanish today at Solveig's farm. She spent nearly 2 hours on verbs, irregular and regular. It's been so long since I've learnt another language, and, although i am enjoying the challenge, I'm also finding it a tad tricky. But i know I'll cope, and i have the time to really learn and to take some massive steps forward this winter. It's the perfect time.

I feel I'm also being given a lesson in learning how to live off of the land. Solvieg's farm is so self-sufficient. The only electricity she has comes from solar panels on her roof. She grows practically all her own fruit and veg. We were set to weeding her vegetable rows today in the glorious sunshine. It's very hard for anything to be a chore in such beautiful surroundings with the sun shining on you.

So i'm learning. And I'm loving learning all these new things!

I'll post again with more news soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

24-7 Ibiza Video

Hi there guys. Here's something that our friend Matt Carvosso put together for us. He came and spent a week here in August, recording the action in the West End and interviewing Brian. I hope it gives you some insight into our work here in Ibiza.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning Spanish

Today Helen and i went to have a Spanish lesson at Solvieg's Country house in the North of the Island. Her place is near a village called Santa Agnes. We met her at the Anglican retreat last Saturday and she very kindly offered us both a lesson in Spanish in return for a little help around her house.

We drove there today, with the suspension nearly breaking from the dodgy roads, but we made it. She lives in such a remote part of the Island, but yet with Ibiza being so small, it's not too far from the town of San Antonio. I have totally hit the ground running in this lesson, and for most of the hour she got me speaking Spanish, and it is what i need.

After our lesson in her gorgeous kitchen, she showed us around the grounds of her place, giving us an idea of how we'll help her. I was gob-smacked! It is THE most gorgeous place i have ever seen...imagine a beautiful white-washed farm house, nestled between gorgeous rolling hills on one side and country-side on the other. She keeps hens (there were 9 little chicks in a box in her kitchen!), goats, and one lively dog, has numerous olive, almond and orange trees, and is also a bee-keeper, looking after 9 'houses' that the bees live in. Her house runs completely on Solar energy, and she has this outside Bread oven. That blew me away - how great would that be?! She grows every vegetable you can imagine, and our jobs will vary from repairing walls, to weeding her garden and maybe even painting her house. I'm really going to look forward to this each and every week. I think I'll enjoy much more the work side of this deal then the Spanish teaching, however, the chance to get to know Solveig and her family a little better it by far the best part.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Legs of Lamb

Reading a book at the moment about my mate Gary Lamb's adventure of prayer walking the whole way around the coast of Britain. How great does that sound?! It's called 'Legs of Lamb', and it's his story of his whole trek around Britain. I am blown away! It's such a good read, detailing his highs and lows, the amazing people who helped him along the way and the conversations and meetings that he had with the most surreal people. Yet out of this seemingly crazy idea came such goodness, and I'm at present reading of divine moments he had with complete strangers, who let him into their home, feed him, talked with him, listened to him and opened up to him.

I'm totally sure that many people do amazing things like this simply to say they've done it, and move on to the next adventure. Yet Gary's reasons are not what you'd expect. He sensed that it was God leading him to do this, and i love that even though there was great doubt (like anyone would...'come again, God!'), he got on and did it. And God, time and time again, revealed himself to people through this. Awesome!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anglican Retreat

On Saturday i went to a retreat down by the South coast at a place called Es Cubells. It was held at a Nun's Convent, housing Carmelite Sisters, and it was such a beautiful setting - right by the sea.

It was hosted by The Anglican Church here on the Island, which is led by a man called Bob. I have met him (and his lovely wife) many times over the years during my summer visits to the Island, but now that i live here, i am looking forward to getting to know him, and indeed his church members, much better.

The day was run by one of Bob's friends, also a minister in a church in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the theme of the day was centered on 'Treasure in jars of clay', a sentence direct from the Bible. It was an excellent day reminding me that human beings, although weak and fickle can contain such treasure just by knowing God through Jesus.

For me, the best part of the day was gaining a stronger connection to the wider Church on the Island, and meeting the many amazing people that have been living here for decades, all doing or having done such different and interesting things here with there lives. It always fascinates me meeting people that have moved to Ibiza to set up home. I am looking forward to building relationships with alot of these people during my time here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shipwrecked Video

I thought i'd post a little video from my camera of myself, Helen, Michael and Kat all dancing on a boat at a party called Shipwrecked. It was very choppy that morning, so i'm not doing a good job at recording. I was also trying hard to stay standing on those plastic chairs that aren't very stable at all. But it was awesome fun, to be on the boat, dancing with loads of other workers. Here's a little snippet of what the party is like. Watching this again makes me think of the good times we had last summer. I'm also very much looking forward to the coming summer.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Menu

For starters:
Antipasti, focaccia bread, feta cheese and marinated aubergine.

First Course:
Spaghetti with smoked salmon in a creamy, mustardy sauce.

Second Course:
Bed of spinach, followed by some steamed squash and topped with a piece of chicken. I accompanied that with some sauce, made with roasted squash and coconut milk.

Treacle Toffee pudding (which i bought) with some vanilla ice-cream (which i made - although it hadn't set properly so it was more a cold sauce).

Finished with Irish-style coffees, dessert wine and mints!

And the company couldn't have been better. Think i might have to do that again when next visiting! I also had a star helper in the kitchen...kind of like my sous-chef. Good work Ellis!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So Robb and Sally have put together a shopping list that will arrive today and i have to then cook for 10 people. I've been given the list of ingredients that they've bought to give me a little time to think. There is: chicken, spaghetti, smoked salmon, feta cheese, double cream, coconut milk, and squash to name the main ingredients. But there's also herbs, vegetables, citrus fruits and a few other bits and pieces. I'm glad they didn't just dump it on me 5 mins before like on the TV show. I'll let you know what i cook.

Adventures in UK...Part One

I've not blogged for a while, and these adventures will come in random order. (Oh, and I'm using my new laptop bought by 24-7 Ibiza. Thanks everyone!)

What an amazing day! I'm gonna say that my head...

I've spent the day today with my family from 24-7 Ibiza and some very excellent (new) friends here in Essex! Think this might be up there as one of the most fun days of my life!

It began with Full English at Robb and Sally's house. Then onto 'Laser Mayhem' for 2 hours or so. We had several different courses to defend and attack, all outside and all with some very cool obstacles like tanks and cars and streams and the like. Our team got beaten overall, and I'm fearful that Helen my house mate will not let me live this down. She was actually really good! Could the day get any better? It did, as next up was James Bond 'Quantum of Solace'. There were at least 20 of us watching it and i really enjoyed the fast action. Think i need to see it again though to just keep up with the story.

And just when you think a day can't possibly get any better for someone, it did! We came home for beer and kebabs! That just capped off a most awesome day! I've made some really amazing, lovely, friendly, funny and generous new friends whilst being here too. I am so lucky and blessed to be doing what i do, knowing who i know and serving such a wonderful God!

I'm going to be praying later tonight at 1am for an hour; i have soo much to be thankful for and a few people to pray for too.