Monday, June 22, 2009

Team 2 of Summer '09

We've got a full house at the moment, with three summer volunteers living with us, and an extra special guest called Simeon - who is here for about three weeks. Great to have him here with us. Sunday just gone, we had a large community meal, and invited some workers up to the farm. It was a great meal, and we had some good laughs.

We've got a team from Northern Ireland with us at the moment, and after a good first week with them out on the Streets at night, we had a cracking weekend, and took the team to Pacha - which they all loved. It was to a 'Defected' night, and The Shapeshifters DJed. Many won't know nor care who they are, but if you want to know - they smashed it (played some amazing choons and created an immense atmosphere in the club)!

If Carlsberg did mission teams....

(Sorry for such long Blog-silence btw).