Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prayers of Faith

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" Jas 5:16

Last night we started the evening by praying that God would intervene in people's situations whilst here on holiday. We raised our faith as we reminded ourselves that God is at work here and can put a stop to situations before they even arise. This is what we're prayed for:

That God would stop someone from wanting drugs
That God would intervene with someone feeling pressured to have sex
That God would keep friends loyal and that people would not leave friends behind and on their own
That God would give people sense when they buy alcohol and that people would stop when they've hit their limit
That God would put a halt to men wanting sex with prostitutes

You know what? We've coined the phrase 'Messy Wednesday's' as Wednesday's involve lots of projectile vomiting. The reason for this is for hotel change-overs, so we find that most people that we help have just arrived on Wed night/Thurs morning, but they've been drinking from the moment they left their house, on the way to the airport, at the airport, on the flight and then once here they are straight out into the West End.

Last night was different. It wasn't so messy. We helped one person get back to their hotel. Usually we find ourselves involved with several groups of people needing help. I believe it's down to our prayers. God is intervening and answering our prayers of faith. He is at work and most of the time we don't even notice.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Time marches on, never ending"

Much has happened over the past 6 or so weeks and i've not really had the time nor the inspiration to keep up with blogging. I love keeping my journal which includes everything that goes on in my life, but this blog is different.

I want to fill you in on some of the things that i've been doing over the past 2 months, so hopefully there'll be loads of posts with some interesting pictures to go with them.

Please bear with me as i think of interesting, fun and insightful posts that shed more light on my life here in Ibiza.