Friday, December 19, 2008

Picking Oranges

Let me ask you a few questions: Have you ever picked an Orange from a tree? Ever picked several Lemons right from the tree and used them for cooking?

Well, i can now tick that from my 'to do' list. I have picked Oranges and Lemons from actual trees and they smell amazing.

Yesterday, myself, Brian and Tracy all popped to see Sarah at her Finca near Santa Eulalia. She has a beautiful place right on a hill and there grows there an abundance of Citrus trees. It's pretty amazing to see them all and now is the time to harvest them and the trees are brimming with fruit, all ripe and ready to eat.

In fact all over Ibiza you can see trees of Oranges everywhere, and quite often I've thought of just stopping the car and winding down the window and nabbing a few. But that's Sarah's house will have to do. Until we grow our own that is.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'River Cottage' in Ibiza

Brian, Tracy, Ellis and Dan gave me my Christmas pressie today. I can't tell you how excited i was to find out it was a cookbook, and nothing other than Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'River Cottage Cookbook'. How lovely of them!

I nearly wet myself. It looks amazing, and its main idea is to cook your own-grown vegetables and animals. How cool is that? And what with our new farm, i am already dreaming of great home-grown, home-cooked food.

Bring on the celebrations. I'm sure this book will be the first of many 'cook your own...', 'grow your own...', and 'build your own...' books. I'm not sure about the latter one, but the former two - bring it on!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Chez Bruce"

One thing that I'm really looking forward to about being back in the UK is being able to catch up and see family and friends. I've missed them! I love catching up over a coffee and hearing people's lives; their stories; their ups and downs and hopes etc.

I'm hoping to try and kill several birds during my time in the UK. No, I'm not a serial bird-killer - not yet. I'm planning on hosting a night at my Church in London in Notting Hill. It's called "Chez Bruce" and it is my attempt to see all my friends at once and also share with them my stories of living and working in Ibiza.

Westbourne Grove Church is my home church, and they've been supporting me in such a large financial way. If it weren't for them, i do not think that i could live out here and work for 24-7 Ibiza like i do. Chris Thackery, my pastor, is more than happy for me to host an evening enabling me to share all that i do.

I'm inviting loads of people, and i hope to provide some sort of food too...not quite sure exactly what though. Definitely some freshly-made Bread. Please come if you are in London on Wednesday 7th January at 7:30pm.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Finca

The Land

Today, the 6 of us drove to our new Farm and checked out the land and did some walking. As our house in on the top of a hill, there is alot of land that takes you down into the valley. We were like, 'Where does our land end?' It's pretty crazy to think that we'll have use of so much space.

Unfortunately we weren't able to look inside the house as we weren't given permission. But it was great to walk, or trek around the hill. The views across the Island are stunning and i know it'll be great to finally move in and make it our home. We are already talking about what we'd like to grow and what animals we'd like to keep. It's going to be very exciting!

Helen and i then took a trip up to the very small Chapel on top of the neighbouring mountain. It is possibly the smallest Chapel I've ever seen, and it looked like a 24-7 Prayer room, with writing scribbled all over the walls. Some of it might have been graffiti, yet you couldn't help but think they were prayers or names of people remembered and loved. There were several large notebooks in there too, with pens and paper available. It seems like it's a popular place with local Spanish as there were many Spanish prayers written down.

We could clearly make out our farm from up the top and I'm sure we'll be visiting this place many more times.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Year ahead...

You might have heard the news by now that we have just signed the contract to rent this amazing Farm up on a hill here in Ibiza. All 6 of us will share the house together, and we move in on 1st of January. Talk about a New Year!!!

When i look back, i am amazed at the speed things have moved. When we arrived home from our adventures in the UK on November 2nd, we got down to some serious thinking, praying and talking about the real possibility of living together. I took to the idea of sharing a larger place straight away, as i get on very well with the others and i think i'd add alot of colour to community life - especially in the kitchen! The thought of a large community farm excites me. I cannot wait to work the land, grow fruit and vegetables; keep chickens and other animals.

Early on too, we all felt that this farm wasn't going to be just for us, but that it'd be a place to host and look after some of the people that we come across during the crazy summers. By this i mean people who come here to work and get burnt out or hurt along the way and need some space and time to heal and relax. I hope our farm will be that kind of place.

As with any change, i have both hopes and fears. It's a new chapter for all of us, and i know that life will totally change for all of us. Soon, the dreaming will be over, and the day-to-day living will begin, with both ups and downs. But i don't want to be negative or pessimistic - far from it.

Best of all for me is the large kitchen. I think the kitchen is THE most important part of any house. It's funny, as the house i live in at the moment has the smallest kitchen you'd ever see. You can't even swing an ant - let along a cat. With both Helen and i in the kitchen it feels like you're waltzing together just to get to the fridge. But our farm kitchen has...wait for it - a Bread Oven! Awesome! And a fire place in the corner, with a separate pantry area. We'll have a huge long table and get a few pews for us to sit on i think. I can already picture the meals we'll all be having together in that kitchen!

Fancy coming round for some food?

Friday, December 5, 2008


Spent 2 hours digging up weeds today at Solveig's farm. It might seem mundane work, but it's great to be outside in the lovely Winter sun! She is giving Helen and i many tips when it comes to growing vegetables or looking after chickens - seems strange, but i know that all this will come in handy down the line. We then had an hour and a half of Spanish, and I'm trying to get to grips with Spanish verbs and their endings. It's tough, but good to be stretched like this.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Community House

It's been a very exciting week so far, with some new developments unfolding at quite an incredible rate. Since the end of the summer, the 6 of us who live and work here for 24-7 Ibiza have been speaking about living together, with the possibility of owning or renting a large house somewhere in the country side being dreamt about.

For me, the desire to live in one place has slowly grown over the last few months, with the shared meals, the hanging out at The Heasleys place, and the general sense of togetherness and unity. Not that i've been unhappy with where i live at present, but just that the idea of community excites me and the thought of being all together and living and eating in one place is something that i'd love to try.

We've spent a decent amount of time giving this thought and prayer, and talking about how it would look, and for me it feels a good next step in our adventure. One thing you need to know is that the 'countryside' here in Ibiza is not that far from where we work, or the airport, or the capital. Ibiza being the size that it is means that wherever you live, you're not that far from civilisation.

We all would love this place to be a place of retreat too, and not just for us, but also for people that we meet in the summer who seem like they need some space and time to get away from the craziness of life.

I'll keep you posted with how this chapter unfolds.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ibicencan Finca

Over the last few months i have had the privilege to be a part of a small community that live and work here on this beautiful Island. Some of these guys have been living here for nearly 4 years now. Some people have come and gone, and lots of great work has been done and strong foundations laid. At one point, there were 9 or so people part of the community here. But However, the desire to share not only the work of 24-7 Ibiza but actually a house, has grown day by day. It seems the journey is becoming increasingly shared, and we have been talking and thinking of all living together for some time.

We've been dreaming. Actually, before i set foot on this Island, alot of people have been dreaming.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Farming and Spanish

2nd lesson in Spanish today at Solveig's farm. She spent nearly 2 hours on verbs, irregular and regular. It's been so long since I've learnt another language, and, although i am enjoying the challenge, I'm also finding it a tad tricky. But i know I'll cope, and i have the time to really learn and to take some massive steps forward this winter. It's the perfect time.

I feel I'm also being given a lesson in learning how to live off of the land. Solvieg's farm is so self-sufficient. The only electricity she has comes from solar panels on her roof. She grows practically all her own fruit and veg. We were set to weeding her vegetable rows today in the glorious sunshine. It's very hard for anything to be a chore in such beautiful surroundings with the sun shining on you.

So i'm learning. And I'm loving learning all these new things!

I'll post again with more news soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

24-7 Ibiza Video

Hi there guys. Here's something that our friend Matt Carvosso put together for us. He came and spent a week here in August, recording the action in the West End and interviewing Brian. I hope it gives you some insight into our work here in Ibiza.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning Spanish

Today Helen and i went to have a Spanish lesson at Solvieg's Country house in the North of the Island. Her place is near a village called Santa Agnes. We met her at the Anglican retreat last Saturday and she very kindly offered us both a lesson in Spanish in return for a little help around her house.

We drove there today, with the suspension nearly breaking from the dodgy roads, but we made it. She lives in such a remote part of the Island, but yet with Ibiza being so small, it's not too far from the town of San Antonio. I have totally hit the ground running in this lesson, and for most of the hour she got me speaking Spanish, and it is what i need.

After our lesson in her gorgeous kitchen, she showed us around the grounds of her place, giving us an idea of how we'll help her. I was gob-smacked! It is THE most gorgeous place i have ever seen...imagine a beautiful white-washed farm house, nestled between gorgeous rolling hills on one side and country-side on the other. She keeps hens (there were 9 little chicks in a box in her kitchen!), goats, and one lively dog, has numerous olive, almond and orange trees, and is also a bee-keeper, looking after 9 'houses' that the bees live in. Her house runs completely on Solar energy, and she has this outside Bread oven. That blew me away - how great would that be?! She grows every vegetable you can imagine, and our jobs will vary from repairing walls, to weeding her garden and maybe even painting her house. I'm really going to look forward to this each and every week. I think I'll enjoy much more the work side of this deal then the Spanish teaching, however, the chance to get to know Solveig and her family a little better it by far the best part.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Legs of Lamb

Reading a book at the moment about my mate Gary Lamb's adventure of prayer walking the whole way around the coast of Britain. How great does that sound?! It's called 'Legs of Lamb', and it's his story of his whole trek around Britain. I am blown away! It's such a good read, detailing his highs and lows, the amazing people who helped him along the way and the conversations and meetings that he had with the most surreal people. Yet out of this seemingly crazy idea came such goodness, and I'm at present reading of divine moments he had with complete strangers, who let him into their home, feed him, talked with him, listened to him and opened up to him.

I'm totally sure that many people do amazing things like this simply to say they've done it, and move on to the next adventure. Yet Gary's reasons are not what you'd expect. He sensed that it was God leading him to do this, and i love that even though there was great doubt (like anyone would...'come again, God!'), he got on and did it. And God, time and time again, revealed himself to people through this. Awesome!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anglican Retreat

On Saturday i went to a retreat down by the South coast at a place called Es Cubells. It was held at a Nun's Convent, housing Carmelite Sisters, and it was such a beautiful setting - right by the sea.

It was hosted by The Anglican Church here on the Island, which is led by a man called Bob. I have met him (and his lovely wife) many times over the years during my summer visits to the Island, but now that i live here, i am looking forward to getting to know him, and indeed his church members, much better.

The day was run by one of Bob's friends, also a minister in a church in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the theme of the day was centered on 'Treasure in jars of clay', a sentence direct from the Bible. It was an excellent day reminding me that human beings, although weak and fickle can contain such treasure just by knowing God through Jesus.

For me, the best part of the day was gaining a stronger connection to the wider Church on the Island, and meeting the many amazing people that have been living here for decades, all doing or having done such different and interesting things here with there lives. It always fascinates me meeting people that have moved to Ibiza to set up home. I am looking forward to building relationships with alot of these people during my time here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shipwrecked Video

I thought i'd post a little video from my camera of myself, Helen, Michael and Kat all dancing on a boat at a party called Shipwrecked. It was very choppy that morning, so i'm not doing a good job at recording. I was also trying hard to stay standing on those plastic chairs that aren't very stable at all. But it was awesome fun, to be on the boat, dancing with loads of other workers. Here's a little snippet of what the party is like. Watching this again makes me think of the good times we had last summer. I'm also very much looking forward to the coming summer.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Menu

For starters:
Antipasti, focaccia bread, feta cheese and marinated aubergine.

First Course:
Spaghetti with smoked salmon in a creamy, mustardy sauce.

Second Course:
Bed of spinach, followed by some steamed squash and topped with a piece of chicken. I accompanied that with some sauce, made with roasted squash and coconut milk.

Treacle Toffee pudding (which i bought) with some vanilla ice-cream (which i made - although it hadn't set properly so it was more a cold sauce).

Finished with Irish-style coffees, dessert wine and mints!

And the company couldn't have been better. Think i might have to do that again when next visiting! I also had a star helper in the kitchen...kind of like my sous-chef. Good work Ellis!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So Robb and Sally have put together a shopping list that will arrive today and i have to then cook for 10 people. I've been given the list of ingredients that they've bought to give me a little time to think. There is: chicken, spaghetti, smoked salmon, feta cheese, double cream, coconut milk, and squash to name the main ingredients. But there's also herbs, vegetables, citrus fruits and a few other bits and pieces. I'm glad they didn't just dump it on me 5 mins before like on the TV show. I'll let you know what i cook.

Adventures in UK...Part One

I've not blogged for a while, and these adventures will come in random order. (Oh, and I'm using my new laptop bought by 24-7 Ibiza. Thanks everyone!)

What an amazing day! I'm gonna say that my head...

I've spent the day today with my family from 24-7 Ibiza and some very excellent (new) friends here in Essex! Think this might be up there as one of the most fun days of my life!

It began with Full English at Robb and Sally's house. Then onto 'Laser Mayhem' for 2 hours or so. We had several different courses to defend and attack, all outside and all with some very cool obstacles like tanks and cars and streams and the like. Our team got beaten overall, and I'm fearful that Helen my house mate will not let me live this down. She was actually really good! Could the day get any better? It did, as next up was James Bond 'Quantum of Solace'. There were at least 20 of us watching it and i really enjoyed the fast action. Think i need to see it again though to just keep up with the story.

And just when you think a day can't possibly get any better for someone, it did! We came home for beer and kebabs! That just capped off a most awesome day! I've made some really amazing, lovely, friendly, funny and generous new friends whilst being here too. I am so lucky and blessed to be doing what i do, knowing who i know and serving such a wonderful God!

I'm going to be praying later tonight at 1am for an hour; i have soo much to be thankful for and a few people to pray for too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little adventure...

All 6 of us who live and work for 24-7 Ibiza are going on a little adventure...

Tonight we fly to England and stay just one night in Essex with friends before heading to Belfast for a long weekend. We are running a 24-7 Ibiza day on the Saturday, hosting seminars and sharing stories of what we're doing and how we're doing it. Myself and Helen are running a 'Clubbing and Prayer' seminar, and i am well excited about that. I'll blog about how that goes.

I'm speaking at a youth event on Sunday night called 'Resonate'. I'm really looking forward to this, although slightly nervous as it's been a while since I've 'preached' to a large group. Gulp! I hope that what i have to say will really impact the young people that'll be attending. At least there'll be many familiar faces in the crowd. My friend Nick told me to use humour, and if that doesn't work i should whip out my extremely short shorts that i own. I'm seriously considering having them on underneath my trousers, like a back-up plan. Hopefully it won't come to that!

We'll then have time to check out a few sights before flying back to England and staying in the Thurrock region of Essex at a 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room community. Next Wednesday we have a fundraising meal where we'll be auctioning various items to help raise money for our work out here in Ibiza. It's all going to be loads of fun and I'm happy to be enjoying this adventure with Helen and The Heasleys. Dan, Ellis and I have already chosen our top trumps for the journey: Man Utd; Fast Cars and Lord of the Rings. The only one missing is Fighter Planes, but we'll have to make do without.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Michael French - Nightclub Chaplain

This is Michael French (on the left - for those who don't know) and me partying on 'Shipwrecked', the weekly boat-trip for Ibiza's finest wreck-heads!

Michael joined 24-7 Ibiza in July and was here for over 3 months. He was such an amazing person to have around and to be on a team with. His heart and passion for God, people and music really impacted me, and i miss him thoroughly. I had only met him on a few occasions back in the UK, and i was pleased to know that he would be working with us during the summer. And i wasn't dissapointed. I have never seen anyone dance with such passion and enjoyment, and quite often people would stop and stare and ask him what drugs he had just taken. It was great seeing their faces when he told them he hadn't touched a thing. He was the ultimate dance partner, so infectious, and i am secretly hoping that he comes out again next summer, even for a holiday. It was great to DJ with him a few times too. Whenever i hear Fake Blood's choon 'Mars', i always think of Michael. He went crazy to that song, and so did i!

But he goes onto exciting things back in the UK. He has just been appointed the new nightclub chaplian in Bournemouth, a post i know that he will really serve with all his might! Having lived in the Bournemouth area i know some of the places and people, and i hope to visit him there and see what he's up to. I wish him all the best!

Check him out at

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tour of Ibiza 08

Well, without wanting to rub it in, well ok, i do want to a little, Freddy, Agneta and i hired scooters for the day and toured the whole of Ibiza. After thinking hard for several minutes about the safety of renting scooters, i'm glad we did, as all i can say is that it was magical - that's probably the best word to describe it. The scooters were only basic 50cc bangers, but they were fairly zippy! We spent 8 hours making our way around the whole Island. We began in San Antonio, turning North to Santa Ines. We then headed towards San Miguel, stopping only for lunch before popping down to Benirras to take in the views. From time to time i thought to myself, 'i've never been that way, let's go and see what there is'. So quite often we'd head down some country road and find some amazing views. All along the way there were winding country roads, lovely views of awesome cliffs and secluded villas here and there. Boy i wish i owned one of them beauties - villas i mean. One day...

From San Miguel we travelled to the very North-easterly point of Ibiza called Portinatx. We didn't really spend as much time there as i would have liked as it's very beauitful round there. From there we headed down to Cala San Vicent and had a spot of 'Fika', a lovely Swedish word for 'snack'. We then motored down to Santa Eularia, past Ibiza Town and on down to the Salt Flats of Salines. We visited a gorgeous beach that we found a few months ago called Es Cavallet, only to realise that it's actually a nudist beach. Quickly leaving there, we headed out past the airport and up to San Josep, before returning to San Antonio.

The fun part of all of this was being able to drink in all the breath-taking views of this gorgeous Island, and to do it with such good friends as Freddy and Agneta. Needless to say, Freddy and I really pushed the bikes, often finding no traffic on the country roads and some very straight ones at that! It was such good fun. Having Agneta there helped us from going too crazy as we'd always have to stop and wait for her. We sometimes had to go back to see if she was ok...haha!

I think i'd do it again next year too. There's lots more to see. Hopefully Freddy will send me some photos that he took of the 'sights' of Ibiza. I'll put some up here soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to England and Northern Ireland

On Thursday, all 6 of us will be making a trip to England and Ireland for a small break. We decided that it would be a nice way to celebrate the end of the '08 summer season here in Ibiza. But what started out as a 'little-break' has turned into a monster - but i'm not complaining one bit. It's going to be an amazing chance to meet many of our supporters, who give regularly to our work here. I've only heard about all these lovely, kind and generous people from Brian and Tracy but have yet to meet them myself. When i sit in our centre on these lovely couches, playing the Wii, i'm thinking, 'someone gave all this to us'. It'll also be an opportunity for the 6 of us to hang out, do some shopping, go see James Bond - 'Quantum of Solace' and eat lovely meals.

We'll be doing quite a bit of fund-raising and promotion whilst back in the UK. This trip is a fantastic opportunity to share all that has happened during the summer, and all that God has been doing, not only in our livs but out on the streets. I'm preaching twice, which i'm both dreading but also relishing. I'm preparing all this week for my talks and hope that they'll be inspiring.

I'm really looking forward to visiting Northern Ireland. We've had several teams from there and it's there that i'll be preaching at this youth event called 'Resonate' on Sunday night. I'm very much looking forward to hooking up with many of the folks that came out here for a few weeks on mission. It'll be happy days. I am thinking that a weekend seeing loads of ex-24-7Ibiza mission people wouldn't be the same without a a club!!! So i hope we get to go dancing! I won't be taking my short-shorts with me though...too cold!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night i prepared some Sushi, which has to be up there amongst my favourite type of food. It's such a simple, fresh and pure taste, and so delicious. I cheated by using tinned Tuna (a sin i know), and i also made it with cooked Mackeral. I hope to learn more during the Winter months here and to get much better at preparing it.

Something i did do last night, which i have wanted to do for a long time, is prepare some fresh Mackeral to use as Sushi. What i did was fillet a very fresh Mackeral and then covered it all over in Sea salt. This i left overnight, and then in the morning i cleaned off the salt and then covered it in a rice vinegar marinade that had some sugar in it. I left this for 45 mins to marinade and the result is fantastic. Here are some pictures once done:

I then had to skin the fillets. Mackeral has such beautiful coloured skin. The skin looked very wierd after i had done it.

Now, the fish is ready to eat. Fresh, Mackeral Sashimi. Ummmm!

Visit to Atlantis

This is the view from high up in the watch tower. The sea looks beautiful, and throughout the whole summer i've wanted to go down there and explore. Many times i have seen people rock-jumping down there and i've so badly wanted to visit that mysterious place known as Atlantis.

It's a marvelous place. The rocks have been cut out in such a special way. It all looks like a huge ship has turned on its side. The rocks are at such an acute angle that it makes it possible to scale them very easily, as if they are a giant stairway.

This is my friend Freddy, making his way up the side of the cliff. It's pretty steep, yet don't be fooled - it's easier than you think.

This is Agneta, adventurously making her way across the face of this giant cliff. She seemed to have alot of courage, making light of such jagged cliffs.

It was great to finally get the chance to visit this place, and i will definately be back, with my smimming trunks to do a bit of cliff-jumping. And hopefully this time we will not have our car broken into whilst exploring.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop! Thief!

So mine and Helen's car got broken into whilst spending time with friends at Atlantis, which is near Es Vedre. As we parked up, we noticed a few Spanish Hippies hanging around - so it might have been them. When we got back to the car, the lock had been broken and my bag was nicked, and it contained my All Saints leather jacket! I can't tell you how gutted i was. And i was looking forward to a winter with lots of chances to wear it - quite sad really. I tell you, if i see it on someone - they're dead. It is the nicest leather ever - and was well expensive.

And Helen had her bag nicked with her phone, her purse, all her cards and drivers license and they tried to withdraw money within an hour of taking it. That makes me so angry as it is so wicked and not right.

But it was only a jacket - a possesion. I can live without it...just.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh My Life!

Yes, i can say that again....'Oh my life!'

Once again, a blog post that might send some of you to sleep - but i make no apologies for it!!!

Space closing Fiesta was simply awesome! 18 hour closing party with soo many amazing DJs playing, it was mind-boggling. Helen and i were amongst the first 10 in the queue, slightly Roy Keane, but you know, it was the closing! We got in about 12:30pm and we hung out inon the sunset terrace till about 4:30pm, seeing Steve Aoki and Jonathan Ulyseese. Steve Aoki had soo much energy and we began to really dance and go for it, maybe spending a little bit too much energy so early on. We then headed to the outdoor stage and saw a guy called Deadmau5 play his trademark lush and grooving melodic house. We then mooched back to the sunset terrace and saw Fedde le Grande who rocked it, and by then it was getting really busy. The outside car park probably held at least 3000 people...the atmosphere was electric and the weather unbelievable! We had a quick break before making sure we saw Steve Lawler outside and he was my fave DJ by far! He definately rules Space! And the show was unreal, some amazing costumes and one point the stage was overtaken by at least 10 characters from Star Wars. Then out came all these acrobats and the sight was incredible. David Guetta came on after Mr Lawler, but apart from his first choon - this amazing remix of 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' by The Chems, we weren't that bothered with him. We managed to catch the last half hour of Tom Novy on the sunset terrace and he made us all bend down and get low whilst the remix of 'Toca's Miracle' was being played. Once the breakdown finished we all jumped up - great moment! Once he finished we managed to battle through the crowds to make our way inside to the Terraza to see the one and only Groove Armada play. Never too sure about 2 producers who try to DJ - but they were really good. They of course rinsed 'Superstylin' - twice! During their set i was beginning to think 'I've heard this choon three times already today' - when you start thinking that, it must be time to go...and at that point (2:30am) i was beginning to flake out, and was getting thoroughly pissed off with the annoying Italians (before you ask how i knew they were Italian - they just were - ok?!) And yes, before you mention, i do need to get over my annoyance with people who can't dance - or rather with people who think that elbowing you several times is fine (Sorry - rant over). We chilled out a little and thought about our options...either head home or soldier on. Although i really wanted to see Danny Tenaglia play, i must admit it was me who suggested we call it a night. And DT wasn't on till 4:30am, and i couldn't find the strength to stay till then, so we called it a night - a really good one at that!

So it's with much sadness that Space closes until next summer. I hope it comes round quickly!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Space Closing

Yes, it's finally that time of year when all the clubs begin to finish and close their doors. As the summer sun begins to get cooler and the feeling of winter starts to hit in, not as many tourists make Ibiza their destination anymore. And so the clubs begin to close one by one, leaving the final party of them all: Space closing. Space is one of the best clubs on the Island, if not the world. When it opens at the beginning of June each year it really does mark the beginning of the season for the clubs. And the line up is to die for. It's like a mini-festival for 18 hours in one huge club. They open their massive car-park and it becomes an outdoor stage. The highlights are going to be seeing DJs like: Deadmau5, Steve Lawler, Danny's going to be difficult deciding where to be and when. There's too many stages to get round. But we've got plenty of time.

It's going to be a real celebration of the season that has just gone. I think nearly everyone is going tomorrow, from the local shop owner and his dog to hardened clubbers from around the world. For me, it's going to be special as i've never been to a Space closing before, but i did go to the opening this season. It'll be a moment to remember all he good times this summer and be thankful for all the people that i have met and have an absolute blast with 2 of my best friends here in Ibiza: my house-mate Helen and Micheal French who has been here for the past 3 months. They're both awesome people and it'll be great to be dancing with them. And we're likely to bump into loads of workers during the 18 hours, and i'm looking forward to being around them and having a laugh.

I will be getting up at about 10am in the morning, which is the earliest since i've got here. Not sure i'll do it...we'll see.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home again!

So I'm home! It's great saying that. I love Ibiza as it's definately my home.

Sometimes though, it's good to get away, and I was really lucky to be able to get out to Switzerland for my Auntie's 60th birthday celebration. It was great to see my family from back in the UK and also to see my extended family. We had alot of fun in Lausanne where they live. It was interesting trying to communicate with 3 languages...namely French, Swiss-German and English. And to think that I'll be trying to learn Spanish!!!

My mum, my sisters and i all then traveled with a great family friend to a region in Switzerland known as 'The Bernese Oberland'. It's such a beautiful part of the country and the world even. We stayed in a chalet in a town called Grindelwald, which is great for winter sports. The views of the Alps were immense! I simply love looking out over a valley and then seeing mountains towering above you. We had the best Fondue I've ever eaten; scaled some mountains; looked around the capital Bern and played 'Yassa', a Swiss card-game. We were there for about 4 days in total before we had to leave. We all wanted to stay much longer and hope to go back there. I miss snowboarding and who knows, i might just have to pay that place a visit in the winter.

My family flew home on Friday and i had to wait till Saturday till i could get home, so i was able to visit my friend Ursina who lived and worked here in Ibiza in the summer for about 7 weeks. She showed me around the city of Thun, and i got to spend some time with her and her community, who a part of 24-7 Prayer, the international movement that we are part of. They have a great big place right in the heart of the city, and they live in 'community' too. I then went back to Lausanne and then onto Geneva to catch my flight home.

I like being home!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Sing like no one's watching'

Helen, Michael and myself went along to the Full Moon party last night at The Hippy Market as guests of Gospel House singer Kym Mazelle. She was supposed to be doing a live-band-gospel-house-thingy-ma-bob at 3am, but she only arrived a bit before that and it became clear that there were some considerable set-backs. We found out that she was supposed to be inside the club with her live band but they had set it up outside. So instead of her doing her live band thing, she was going to sing her famous track 'Young hearts run free' inside the club.

As we waited with her, Michael told her that all our friends (workers in the West End) were in the club and encouraged her to sing out what is on her heart and to be free to sing about God and shine in the club. She took those words on, as all i can say is, 'She rocked it'. It all was nearly not going to happen, as the DJ didn't seem to have a clue what was going on, and if it weren't for Michael stepping in and sorting out the microphone, she wouldn't have been able to sing. But for about 15 mins she sang out her prayers, her love for God, and the message to 'come home' over the DJ, which reminded me of the story of The Prodigal Son'. I'm so glad that she didn't sing her song, as it was so right that she sang over the top of the DJ and freestyled. The three of us were loving it, and it was clear after she finished that many people were touched by her words and her passion for God. I was blown away, as i love it when a gospel singer sings over the beats of a DJ. It reminded me of the after parties that me and some friends went to a few years ago at Space called 'In Bed with Space', where Barbara Tucker did the same.

Kym shined like a star in the universe last night, and sang what was on her heart. It was such an honour to dance with her. I hope she does that again in the future.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

'Shining like stars in the universe'

Manumission was a really good night!

We got to Amnesia about 2am and went straight to the main room. Not sure who was DJing, but the music was awesome. At first i found it hard to concentrate and enjoy myself and really dance as there were too many things that distracted me; those around me in costumes; dancers; but especially the video footage of past parties - TV screens everywhere. So we went to the terrace area and Zane Lowe was DJing. He was on the mic quite a bit - i think he liked the sound of his own voice to be fair. He played loads of different stuff, from alternative to drum and bass. The atmosphere was really good. At about 3am the 'show' started, but it came in drips and drabs, and not all at once. It was wierd to keep flicking from dancing to watching, but you got used to it. The show had lots of talent on offer. There was this amazing flamenco guitarist and some Spanish dancers; a Didgeridoo player who was awesome. He played along to the DJ, adding his own stuff. There were loads of dancers, who looked very much Moulin one point it all seemed like a glamorous circus. There were a few shocking moments, which i won't share here, but these are some of the things that came into my mind: 'interesting', 'didn't know that was possible', and 'she must have alot of time on her hands'. We bumped into loads of workers towards the end of the night and hung out with them for a bit. Mike and Claire, the promotors, know how to put on a great show. The DJ played some great choons too, and i really felt i could shine and go for it. I love when you're dancing and just in the way you look at others and dance you can communicate something to them. You can even invite someone to dance with you too. I love those connections.

Tonight we're going to a party called 'Thailandia' - a Full Moon Party which is happening down at the Hippy Market at Las Dalias. Our friend Kym Mazelle is doing a live PA. She has invited us as her guests. It seems like the whole Island is going. We met with Kym this week to hang out and eat and pray. She hopes to shine in her music and her singing. It should be great fun to be there. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, September 12, 2008


'Manumission is a latin word meaning freedom from slavey. The idea is anyone in Manumission is free to do or be whatever they choose as long as it does not harm anyone else.

Manumission is the party we throw in IBIZA

Each year we reinvent ourselves with the creation of a new concept. These concepts are a reflection of how we are feeling & our reaction to what is going on in the world we live in.'

Those words are on the Manumission website, and i didn't realise that Manumission stood for that. I have never been to one of their parties, as the promotors Mike and Claire have often had live sex shows on stage in front of everyone, and it's not really the kind of thing i'm into. Apparently they have really tamed the show quite considerably, and so i go along tonight with both a little fear but alot of excitment.

There's loads of things i'm looking forward to tonight - but most of all, hanging out with Tracy, Helen, Michael and loads of the PRs who'll be going along too! I wonder what the show will be like? What will the promotors message be to everyone? How will they express their freedom?

I love the thought of being be myself around people. Free from the things that trap me and enslave me. Free to dance and not care what those around me think. I love this quote that i've heard many times: "Love as if you have never been hurt. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And live everyday as if it were your last." Awesome quote.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saying Goodbyes...until next summer.

'I hate strong'. (What film is that from?)

So it's that time of summer when many of the workers here in San An are leaving to go back to the UK. Many go back to jobs, to Uni, to look for jobs, to make fresh starts. Some know exactly what they'll be doing, others have no clue. I've heard a few times the line: 'time to go back to reality'.

It's quite sad for me to be saying so many goodbyes to such quality people. Many have become friends and ones that i'll miss. I've seen them nearly every night, danced with them, eaten with them and generally hung out with them. There have been some great times. It'll be hard in the winter, with no tourists nor workers. But loads of them are coming back here next summer for the season, and that means we can continue where we left off. I'm well excited about that.

We've also seen the last of the summer mission teams that have come here and served us. We've had 7 teams in total, and in numbers that is roughly 50 people. All have given their holidays, their annual leave and their money to come and help us, and it's been awesome. The impact that they have made is immeasurable. The prayers prayed, the conversations, the time and energy helping people and being kind.

It's also the time of year when the clubs start to close. Many of the big nights are having their closing parties in the coming weeks, culminating in the mother of them all: Space closing, on Sunday Oct 6th. That is going to be very special, a real end to the season here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Team of 2008

We have 9 people here with us for only 6 days, and they are from various different parts of the UK. Makes a change from all the Irish teams that we've been having, no disrespect. It's quite a short time for us to have a team, but the impact they're making is already significant. They have thrown themselves into the work here on the streets and into all other aspects, and it's such a blessing.

I was out the other night and we got called over by a guy with his friends. He asked us if he could buy some tickets for a club, thinking we were club reps, but we told him we didn't sell tickets and explained our work. He then promptly asked if he could pray for us. So the three of us got together and prayed. But before he could pray, we asked him if there was anything we could pray for him. He gave us several things to pray for, and there and then we started to pray.

I love being able to pray for people, for anything as simple as having a good holiday to praying for a relative who is ill. It's such an awesome thing to be able to do. The guy was so chuffed he had stopped us, and he said he was so very happy that he had stopped us. We laughed, and told him that we were even happier to be stopped by him.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Es Vedra

The current mission team that have been with us for 10 days. They're great people, some very good friends. All me!

This is called 'Es Vedra'. It's one of my favouite places here in Ibiza. It's basicaly a huge rock that is apparently the third most magnetic place in the world. No one lives there, apart from the odd animal here or there.

The reason i love this place is that last summer, on my way back from taking someone to the airport, i had some time to kill and so made my way through the winding roads and took in this amazing view. It was awesome, seeing God's creation and just drinking it in. I spent time thinking and praying about possibly moving out here and working with the 24-7 Ibiza team. I wasn't here long, but just long enough to say to God that i was willing to follow Him and follow His call to come to Ibiza. To go on an adventure!

And here i am!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Enough said! Awesome! 10,000 people all dancing to the same beat. Wow! I'm here right now-sweating! Wish you were here.x

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hed Kandi

A great night out with our team. There was live percussion and this wkd sax player who rocked. Best moment-her playing over the song 'Man with the red face'-awesome!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hed Kandi

Tonight we're heading to Ibiza town to go to a night called 'Hed Kandi' at the club El Divino. I'm well excited as i've not been to a Hed Kandi night before. It's an English night, so i'm expecting it to be packed with a mainly British people, but as it's in Ibiza town as opposed to San Antonio, there'll be more of a mixed, cosmopolitan crowd.

I'll take some pictures and videos and upload when i'm give you a feel for the night.

We've got Katrina Pike coming tonight to stay for 6 or so weeks, and Helen and i are really looking forward to her arrival. She is a quality person, full of God and love for life, so she'll really bring something to the work here, and to our house.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Phone

I have a new phone, given to me by my lovely friends Freddy and Agneta. I've known them both for 11 years now, and they gave me this phone so that i can take pictures and write text and send it straight to my blog. Cool eh? So hopefully you'll get to see what i do, not just read about it...and maybe i'll keep my posts much shorter. The picture that you see below is from my balcony and looking at a sunset. It was gorgeous.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"This is the start of something"

Michael was praying the other night about moving forward and taking new ground and into his mind came the line 'Gonna break down the doors'. He wasn't too sure who produced it, and I remembered that it was Erick Morillo feat. Audio Bullys.

I forgot i had his CD somewhere, so last night we took it to the prayer room and during our prayer time we played that track, and we both realised just how good the lyrics are to this song.

'Enter the darkness, the beats marching in, the lightening now begins, don't ask what's happening - This is the start of something! We gonna break down the doors, we gonna break down the floors, this new thing is mine and yours, but what is it? It's gonna break down the doors, it's gonna break down the doors. Look to the skylight, push out your fears, the fine light now appears, it could take years and years, or it could take days and days - it depends on the game you play, it depends on the names you say, at the end of the day we all put the same, light the flame.'

Good lyrics yeah? So we're in the West End praying last night and there was a huge power failure across the bars and clubs, and everyone was out on the street, enjoying being brought together because of the power cut. There was darkness everywhere, and we felt we should be out there, just praying about the darkness and being in the midst of it. We knew the power would eventually come back on, and it did, and then a cheer went up.

God is up to something. He has been for years here in Ibiza. Yet is this the start of something new? Our prayer at the moment is simply: God, please break down the doors!

Monday, August 4, 2008

All things new

A new week is about to begin and we have a new team who arrived today fresh from Northern Ireland. There are 6 of them and they're staying for about 12 days. I think they're going to really enjoy themselves. They all seem open, lovely, friendly and up for it: all good characteristics to survive a 12 day mission.

I came to Ibiza in 2004 for the first time on a 24-7 Prayer mission team. I loved it soo much. I then came back the following 3 summers, and now i live here, so i know what they're about to experience, and i'm sure they'll have such an amazing time.

I did the team briefing today. Was a little nervous, but think it went well. Told them about who we are and what we do. I've heard Brian Heasley do it countless times, and have taken copious amounts of notes too, so i felt well prepared. I even threw the odd joke in too, just to lighten the tone.

Once the team got to their hotel, we had a huge Sunday roast, and had 3 friends come along too. They all work in San An and i think they well loved getting a proper feed. It was a lovely end to the day. We swam, we ate, we laughed.

Love it!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahoy there!

A little equation to begin.

What do you get when you have one huge boat, plus a sound system, divided by 2 DJs, and multiplied by 250 Ibiza workers?

Answer: One very crazy party!

So, i got up at 5 am - nearly didn't go to bed as i usually work till that time - to go to 'Shipwrecked', the boat party that hundreds of workers go on each and every Wednesday morning. One word...'AWESOME!'

The sun was beginning to rise and give way to a fresh day in San Antonio, and myself and four others jumped onto a large ship full of people. I've heard many crazy stories of these parties, and stepped on thinking i'd end up walking the plank, but straight away, we met loads of familiar faces that work in the West End, and it was great to see them and hang out with them and not be in 'work-mode'. We had several 'what are you guys doing here?' comments, but on the whole, we partied and let our hair down with the rest of them, minus the copius amounts of drugs. But to be honest, it isn't much different to what i see in the clubs on land. The music was great, and i had met the DJ the night before, and he and everyone else was so down to earth and themselves. You didn't get any real snobbishness that you're used to in the clubs. It was quite fun watching people dance when the boat was swaying and being tossed by the sea. I did get a few funny looks, as people worked out that i wasn't 'on' anything, yet danced with as much energy and enthusiasm, if not more.

The boat sailed around the West side of the Island, stopping near a gorgeous piece of rock called 'Es Vedre'. It was beautiful, and i took loads of snaps. I got to meet more workers and catch up with those i already knew. I absolutely loved the experience, and will definately be going back there to hang out, dance and smile at the people on the boat. 'Ahoy!'

Shipwrecked and Ibiza Rocks!

We were invited to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel by the band 'OK Tokyo'. They've had their residency there for the past 6 weeks. They are such good guys, but i've not heard their music, and although they sorted us guestlist for this evening, we missed them, as the guestlist wasn't sorted. But we got to see Sam Sparrow do his thing, and Dizzee Rascal definately did his thing. Loved Sam Sparrow's 'Black and Gold' song. We then hung out with the lads for OK...they're great fun, and have joined us twice for our Sunday community days.

The Ibiza Rocks hotel is uber trendy. They have a huge stage in the middle of their courtyard, with a massive sound system. There was a great atmosphere tonight, really buzzing. But i was so gutted to miss the OK Tokyo boys. But definately check them out, you'll just have to take my word.

I'm up in the morning at 6am, which is far too early, as i'm used to going to bed at 5am. Some of us are going to a party called 'Shipwrecked'. Workers mainly go to this party, that hapens to be on a boat, and it'll embark around 6.30am and then sail part way round the Island. It's infamous for being the place that workers really party, so i think we'll see some crazy things. I'm well excited to be going, as i'll know many of the workers, and we're going not to work but to be a part of the party. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe we'll end up helping in some just don't know.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Release those Shackles'

I had such a good night last night. We were invited personally by Kym Mazelle to attend her new 'Gospel House - Live' night in Playa d'en Bossa. For those of you who don't know her, she used to sing in 'Soul ll Soul', and is probably most famous for covering the hit 'Young Hearts Run Free', in the film Romeo and Juliet. At present, she feels that she needs to be in Ibiza presenting the Gospel of Jesus to as many people as possible. She came to our Sunday service a few weeks back and we got a chance to hear her story and to pray with her.

I've never been to the club 'Martina Discotheque', and although it was fairly small, it had an intimate feel to it and also a touch of upper-class to it too. Kym came on after the DJ and had a full band and gospel choir with her. She began her set with 'Oh Happy Day', and then went into 'This little light of mine'. To be honest, i was absolutley gobsmacked! There i was standing in a club in Ibiza hearing someone singing gospel songs and i loved it. And when she sang 'Over the mountains and the sea', i was buzzing. I've sung that song in church settings since i was like 14, so to hear it here in Ibiza was amazing. And she wasn't ashamed of singing about Jesus and encouraging the crowd to lift their hands and hearts to God.

To be honest, half of the club dispersed when she came on, yet those that stayed seemed interested in such a unique presentation of the Gospel. I have so much respect for Kym. She was both bold and courageous, and i believe she was speaking God's words to all of us. What made me think the most was her rendition of 'Shackles' by Mary Mary. The words go, 'take the shackles off my feet so i can dance, i just want to praise you, i just want to praise you.' I quite often hold back when dancing, afraid of letting go, for fear of being made fun of. But i went for it...i found a new boldness.

Kym is here for the summer, promoting the Gospel and singing about her faith in God. I hope we get to go along again, and i hope that those that hear her singing find a new freedom, like i did.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Sorry for the silence. I'm trying to get my head round this whole blogging whilst at the same time trying to keep up with it. My friend Freddy tells me that i should blog little and often. I seem to be doing the opposite.

I've just had Kate Phillips and her friend Jo come and stay with me for the best part of a week. It was so good to have Kate here, as i consider her my little sister. Although i was super busy with work and didn't get much time to hang out with her and Jo, we did manage to go dancing in the West End and check out some nice places around Ibiza. I hope they'll be back...

This weekend has been so good. I was so knackered after such a busy week that i really needed time to catch up on sleep and stuff like that. I felt so refreshed after waking up on Saturday at 2pm, having a lazy afternoon, eating my breakfast of porridge and spending time reading my Bible and praying about some of the things on my heart. I sensed 'life' return to me, and felt like i was able to breathe again. Just stopping to think, pray and reflect has been so life-giving!

Today we all hung out as a community...beginning with hanging by the Pool and then eating together. We had an awesome Sausage casserole cooked by Michael French, who is out here for 3 months. We had several guests come and join us too: one worker from the West End who we know and also some guys from a band called 'OK Tokyo', who are playing Ibiza Rocks Hotel. All in all, such a good day of rest. Like it should be.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have nearly perfected my Spanish Alioli. You might be wondering what it is, so i'll tell you. It's basically a garlic mayonnaise. Actually, there's nothing basic about it, it's fundamental. It's foundational stuff. It's both cultural and part of the Spanish fabric. And it's very smelly and repeats badly on you!

I used to make mine back in England by using egg yolks and mustard and then blending it with an olive-based oil. But oh, i have seen the light. Actually, it was Tracy who shed light on this culinary and cultural matter. Over here, they don't use egg yolks at all. Instead they use milk, and a much lighter oil - sunflower oil. And they don't bother with mustard. And the result is awesome.

You start by peeling a clove of garlic and adding a teaspoon of salt. I prefer Maldon Sea Salt. Then add a small glass of semi-skimmed milk, about 75 ml. Blend that with a hand blender, and then start to trickle in your sunflower oil, a little at a time. Keep blending and adding the oil. I think about 50ml of oil, or just until the sauce starts to thicken. Add a twist of pepper and Bobs your uncle!

Awesome. Try is so nice with bread and crisps.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love Sundays

Sundays are great here in Ibiza...

It's a day off for us as a team, but more importantly, it's time for us as a community to hang out with one another. I absolutely love hanging out with the people that i live and work with. Just for your info, the people that i spend most of my time with are Brian and Tracy (who lead 24-7 Ibiza), their 2 boys Ellis and Dan (who are just great young lads), Helen (whom i live with), and at present, 4 others who live with The Heasleys. They are Bethany, Michael, Ursina and Laura. We begin with lunch together, to which we all must try to make or bring something too. After we have spent good time eating and drinking we hang out around the pool, and most of the time play Water Polo. As the weeks go on, the games are getting more and more competitive.

At about 6pm, we have a very informal time of prayer and worship together. This lasts no longer than an hour, and we tend to have someone talk about something from the Bible, or about something that is relevant to what we are experiencing or going through as a team. We always pray for some of the things that we care about too. Quite often we break bread and drink wine to remember what Jesus did for each of us.

I'm really used to small group gatherings, as my church in London had about 30 or so members, so i've now gone to something even smaller. But i prefer the smaller gatherings. They are more intimate and seem real and genuine.

We finished the day with hanging out again, going swimming, having fun. I love it. A real rest and time to enjoy both the people that i'm with and the place that i'm in.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

40 KG of Oranges

I have never bought 40 KG of Oranges before today...that's quite a few oranges! But they weren't for me, nor for the team with me. We bought them to give away, and that we did.

There is a short-term mission team with us from Ireland for 12 days, and one of the tasks that we gave them was to give away Oranges at 2 of the beaches that are popular with many tourists and workers from San Antonio.

So once we split the oranges between us, we headed in two teams to the beaches. Once there, i kid you not, it took about 10 minutes for all the oranges to go. That was that! People came from everywhere and wanted one, and one for their friend. It's such a great way to bless people and to simply be kind. I love doing it, as the simple act of giving something away creates connections with people so quickly. I had about 20 oranges that went in 1 minute. Many of the workers who sunbathe on the beach that i went to know about 24-7 Ibiza and that we give away Oranges from time to time and they love it. For many, it's the only fruit they'll have eaten in days.

It was great to bless people with something for free. It always suprises people and makes them think. The only reason that we give to people who ask why we do it, is that we want to be kind to people. Many people ask us why we want to be kind and give something away, and that always leads to deeper conversations about what we do and why we do it. And i love those conversations with random people.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 24-7 Centre

I think that's what we're called...

The 24-7 Centre. It's not the best name, but one that suits us for now. It's the easiest to remember and tell people. I was there today for the afternoon. We open at 4pm and keep the doors open till 8pm. On average, we have around 25 visitors, sometimes more, sometimes less. It can depend on what DJs were playing the night before. Like Tuesdays might not be as busy as the mega-star 'DJ Tiesto' plays at the worlds biggest club called Privilege on Monday nights. Today wasn't so busy, but we had quite a few regulars in, and it's great getting to know them more each day and hear what they're up to.

Our 'Centre' is equipped with some very trendy features, which i think you'll agree are pretty awesome for a place known just as 'the centre'. We have, in no particular order...a Pool table, 3 computers for people to get online, some comfy sofas, an XBox 360, a Nintendo Wii, a very, very funky prayer room with its own sofas and chairs and prayer wall, and a small toilet. The whole thing is much bigger than what 24-7 Ibiza have had for the last two years, so it's great to be able to fit all our visitors in at the same time. Everyone loves popping into the Prayer room and just reading some of the prayers...they're intrigued and amused i guess.

I'm getting good at Golf on the Wii. Of course, i have to play with some of the workers who visit - it would be wrong not to!!! I'll tell you more of what i get up to in the centre in due course.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cala Benirras

Last night several of us took an excursion to a beautiful beach that lies to the north of Ibiza. It's called Benirras Beach, and apparently in the 60s it was made infamous as a place where hippies came and gathered and had some crazy drug-fueled parties...

Each and every Sunday evening a community of hippes can be found dancing to the beat of their drums and bongos and ushering in the evening sunset. It's a magical place, as the scenery is perfectly stunning, and you get to marvel at God's creation as you drive down the hills to the beach. It's also quite a sight to see all the hippies playing drums, and people dancing and moving to the sound of simple drum beats. The drums sound great too, lots of big bass drums being banged in unison. There's something quite tribal about it all, and very stripped back. It's a totally striking contrast to the other side of the Ibicenco dance scene of today, with the huge profit driven clubs, playing beats from DJs on their turntables. Here, at Benirras, it feels like you're stepping back into time. You get a feel for how it was before all these large super-clubs began to steal these gatherings and hide them away and make them commercial. There was no entrance fee to get to this party - you just need to turn up, dance, beat your drum (if you have one), and connect. It's exciting to think this is what humans have been doing for centuries, in many different cultures and people groups; people dancing to the same beat, connecting with one another, with the sound, I've still got to get my head around it was great just to watch people, both children and adults all dancing. I eventually stopped watching and just joined in. Sometimes you have to just try not to figure it all out and get involved. I like that phrase...'Get Involved'.

It was also great to watch the sun set down at this marvelous beach. I can never get bored with sunsets. Sunsets are synonymous with the name Ibiza. It's not just here at Benirras beach where you sense an appreciation of creation and the earth that we live. Where i live, in San Antonio, can be found a strip of beach known as 'Sunset Strip'. Uber-trendy bars line the coast and play the famous 'chill-out' music that Ibiza is known for. Bars such as 'Mambo' and 'Cafe Del Mar', sit side by side and create a special atmosphere to watch the sunsets. I'll put up some amazing photos of the sunsets that i get to watch here. You'll be jealous, i know.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


So last weekend i and some friends went to Pacha, one of the most glamourous clubs in Ibiza and possibly the whole world! Pacha the club began in a small village called Stiges outside of Barcelona in 1967, and after it proved a hit, they opened Pacha Ibiza in 1973. They have clubs all around the world now, and it has become a global franchise, yet Pacha Ibiza contains the spirit of Ibiza, and it really is the daddy of clubs! It is open all year round, but come May, the club is open every day of the week until it's official closing party in October, when it reverts to just being open once a week...

For those of you who hate clubbing and know nothing about DJs, you might not want to read what i'm about to write, as it might bore you. However, for those of you who love clubbing and dance music, check out the nights that Pacha have here in might make you cry!

Various DJs, promotors and labels all 'host' a certain night, and they are in charge of the music. Here is the line-up...Roger Sanchez hosts his 'Release Yourself' parties every Monday night. Tuesday is all about 'Defected', with DJs like Bob Sinclair, Juniour Jack and Kid Creme. Erick Morillo DJs every Wednesday with his 'Subliminal' nights...Thursdays is 'F*** ME I'M FAMOUS', hosted by David Guetta. Friday is 'Pure Pacha' and DJs like Faithless, Basement Jaxx and Axwell show up. On Saturdays the USA take over for their 'Def Mix' nights and fly over some of house music biggest legends like Frankie Knuckles and David Morales, and the week finishes with various stuff happening on Sundays.

And this goes on every week. You could easily come to Ibiza and just go to Pacha every night. But that'd be sad and boring, and very expensive, especially considering a ticket for one night can cost anywhere between 37 - 50 Euros. And don't get me started with their drinks prices...a coke is 7 Euros, a can of Red Bull is 15 Euros, and a small, 200ml bottle of water is also 7 Euros. So, i don't go there very often.

But i did go there the other night, with my housemates and a guy called Chris who'd been living and working here for a month. We went there as a kind of leaving for Chris, and it was on friday night. A giuy called Trentmoeller was DJing, and he was awesome! He played 'Let's Dance' by David Bowie, which i liked!!!

I'm sure there'll be many more posts about clubbing...i hope to include some interesting stories of people i meet and dance with. Until then...

Friday, June 27, 2008

My first post

So, i've given in.

This is my Blog. It will contain, amongst other things:

Stories about what i am doing here; photos of interesting places that i visit that i'd like to share with you; my thoughts about life (although they might be very simple); food that i'm either cooking or thinking about; and maybe some other interesting thing that i'd like to share with you.

I'm new to this, this whole blogging malarky, and i think it will take me time to adjust. I keep a journal, and there i put the stuff that is the closest to my heart. But i want to be honest on here too, about my adventure in life, in Ibiza and in God.

I'll blog again soon