Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apartment Hunting

Just to keep you updated on the adventure that is finding a home to live in.

Got an apartment in mind in San Antonio itself, very close to Eroski and near the Sunset strip (for those of you who know San An). I never thought that i'd live right in San An itself, but actually, as i'll be on my own i'd really appreciate the closeness to food shops, coffee shops and the hustle and bustle of life going on around you. It's on 6th floor too, and has a cool balcony with views of sunset and you do feel disconnected being high up, yet it's well easy to pop down and get amongst it in seconds. But she (the owner) has just put price up to €550 (any danger?), and i'm only going to go to €500.

Seen another place around the bay, and it's in a lovely area, pretty quiet with access to a pool and lovely roof terrace, but the downside is the kitchen. It's pretty pokey and extremly small, with no oven, and the living room has only a coffee table, and not much room for a table, esp one that can fit 4-8 people around. Hospitality is important for me, so not sure if this is the right place.

I really want a 2 bed place, so come the summer i can have someone, a volunteer for instance, come to live with me. That'll provide not only some company but some income too. This will mean more money going out during the first part of the year, but less come the summer.

Am back in the UK this Thursday, so need to make some decisions. I'd value your prayers for me at this important time.