Monday, March 28, 2011

I am the proud new owner of The Chemical Brother's latest album 'Further'. It's a stunning album, full of melodic magical beats that build and grow and fizz in your ears.

Favourite track has got to be 'Snow, with the line 'your love keeps lifting me...higher and higher'. I really think it's a cracker and would love to incorporate this track into some worship sets in Church

Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Day in the Centre

So this is it. Today is the final day the Centre is open for summer 2010! I doubt anyone will actually pop down as nearly everyone has left to go home. The weather is beautiful at the moment too, so maybe some people are still trying desperately to tan.

We had a leaving meal last night at the Heasley's and Brian cooked us all a 'Fry', or a Full English as it's more commonly known. It was immense! I've forgotten how good a huge breakfast can be in the evening. There was even some black pudding on the plate, which us menfolk devoured. It was strange to wash it all down with some Beer, but i was able to go there, and i felt very comfortable.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I made some scrummy brownies last week and they came out amazingly well. They were triple choc brownies, with dark, milk and white chocolate. They tasted awesome!

Here's a picture. Think i'll be making them again.

I actually made them for a leaving meal that i did for Poppy Wiliams. It's really sad that Poppy has left. She hails from Ohio in the States but currently resides in Las Vegas (the other sin city). She was such an inspirational woman whilst she was here, and she has such a heart for God and for prayer too. You know when you learn loads from someone without them really teaching or saying much? She's that type of person - really open to God and humble too.

The exciting thing is that i have a feeling that she'll be back on these shores to work with 24-7 Ibiza again. I wonder if a generous portion of triple chocolate brownies might help her come back here quicker?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Final Poster i need.

So i´ve been collecting the posters for the Space Opening and Closing parties that i´ve attended since living here and i miss only one. Yes, it´s very sad, but it just needs to be done. The one i am missing is the opening poster for 2008, and the line-up was immense. You can't quite see the line up in the poster above, but David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Steve Lawler, Groove Armada....the DJs were great!

I wonder if i´ll get my hands on it?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Space Closing

Yes, i went to Space Closing.
Yes, it was immense.
Yes, i danced from 9pm till about 5am!
And...Yes, my back was wrecked!

Poppy, Neil and i had a right result as we got in for free, which i never thought would be possible at such an event. My friend James is the manager of both Josh Wink and Riva Star, and they were both playing that night, so we were on one of the DJ´s lists. My fav act of the night was M.A.N.D.Y, and they rocked the Terraza, playing lots of techy, deep house. I loved their set, and even better when i bumped into some worker friends of mine. It was great to catch the outside flight arena too, seeing Steve Lawler play to about 4000 people.

It was a great way to celebrate the awesome summer that we´ve had, and i loved finishing the summer on such a high.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lifehouse 'Everything'

Lighthouse's 'Everything' is a such a powerful drama that i showed a couple of weeks ago when i preached. My talk was about how God has rescued us from darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of His son Jesus.

The drama (thanks Claire Ison for the inspiration) tells the story of Creation, when God made humankind and taught his creation to live right and dance in step with him. But it's not long before she is tempted and led astray, and walks away from God. She gets tangled up in image, starts to drink and soon gets into deep trouble, within which she cannot break free.

The whole time that she is seperated from her Father the Creator, he is watching, waiting and desperate for her to return to Him. But she is trapped, and unable to break loose. Suddenly, whilst on the edge of despair, she tries to break away but the bad stuff in her life but they take hold of her and keep her captive. After some time, God jumps in and fights on her behalf, over-powering the demons in her life. They fall away, and before you know it, she is free and safe and He dresses her in pure white.

It's such an amazing clip, and one which took my breathe away as i thought just what God has done for me. It made me cry to think that God fights for me and has done so much for me through Jesus dying on the cross for me. God has set us free in Jesus Christ.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dave the Rave

I went to a funeral yesterday to remember and celebrate a guy called Dave the Rave. I got to know him through the English speaking Church here in Ibiza. He had cancer for the last 2 years, and although he put up a strong fight against it, it eventually took him.

I hung out with him quite a bit over the winter, as he lived by himself for quite a few months and was a mad football fan. He had Sky Sports and it was always on when i popped round, and it helped that he was a HUGH Man Utd fan. I watched many a game with him in his house. He was such a gentle man, always smiling and always ready to crack a really bad joke.

He had a very colourful life, and once hearing a few stories of the things he used to do, right from a DJ on cruise ships to being a strip-o-gram, you can tell why he got his name 'Dave the Rave'.

The funeral was sad, but also full of laughs, and he would have wanted that. His coffin was drapped with a Man Utd flag, and Bob the Vicar included a few of his corney jokes, which he is famous for. It was sad, but also awesome in knowing that he is with God now, and well and safe. I'll always remember him.