Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let the Streetwork begin

Tonight will be the second night that i've been out in the West End this summer so far, with the first last night. It's great to finally be back doing what i love.

This week we are getting out each night for 2 hours. When out on the streets we meet and chat to PRs and workers, both old and new for an hour, and when we stay back in the Centre we pray for the next hour. It's really great bumping into so many familiar faces and people that I've gotten to know over the last few summers, and I'm pleasantly surprised just how many are back again, but even more shocked to hear they never left and were here all winter. How did i miss them in such a small place?

With the season having only just begun, it's not that busy with tourists, clubbers and revellers yet. But give it a few weeks and the streets'll be totally heaving. I wonder when we'll be called to take a drunk home? Any guesses? I reckon there'll be one in May!


Brian said...

lets do a sweepstake on date, time, nationality and sex.

10 euros says wednesday 13th, 3 o'clock, english, girl

crazy daisy said...

did brian win his 10 euros,then ???