Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tonight i will be living in my new, temporary 'home', just on the outskirts of San Antonio. I will be living in the downstairs annex of the Anglican Vicarage with a couple called Bob and Clare. They run the English speaking Church in Ibiza.

I finished all my packing today about 4pm and moved my stuff to my new abode. There are 2 bedrooms, a large living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. It's just right and what i need.

It's strange being somewhere new, that isn't quite 'home' yet. I will be here until the first week of January, giving me both time to look for a place to live, and giving me time to save some money towards deposits and rent etc. I am hoping to obtain either an apartment or a studio flat somewhere around the bay in San Antonio. I really don't want to be so isolated as before, and much closer to the hustle and bustle that is San An.

I've been thinking alot about 'home' recently - not my home back in the UK (as i don't have one) but just the idea of having a place to call 'home'. Having responded to God's call to serve Him, i am learning to trust in God to provide for me the place that He wants me to live in.

My thoughts are that when it comes to following and serving God, you must learn to make your 'home' in God. This was a thought i had during the summer whilst living in community, but one that i've not explored deeper enough. Yet i sense God speaking to me about this whilst in this transition period. I think that one must know that ultimately, our home is in God and with God, and that He provides and gives us a place to live for a time that He sets. You see, when you know that your home is in God and with Him, the call to move becomes easier; you don't worry about owning somewhere; you learn to trust God when He asks you to move.

Ah, these are just thoughts as i begin a fresh part of this adventure.

It is exciting though.

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