Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Chez Bruce"

One thing that I'm really looking forward to about being back in the UK is being able to catch up and see family and friends. I've missed them! I love catching up over a coffee and hearing people's lives; their stories; their ups and downs and hopes etc.

I'm hoping to try and kill several birds during my time in the UK. No, I'm not a serial bird-killer - not yet. I'm planning on hosting a night at my Church in London in Notting Hill. It's called "Chez Bruce" and it is my attempt to see all my friends at once and also share with them my stories of living and working in Ibiza.

Westbourne Grove Church is my home church, and they've been supporting me in such a large financial way. If it weren't for them, i do not think that i could live out here and work for 24-7 Ibiza like i do. Chris Thackery, my pastor, is more than happy for me to host an evening enabling me to share all that i do.

I'm inviting loads of people, and i hope to provide some sort of food too...not quite sure exactly what though. Definitely some freshly-made Bread. Please come if you are in London on Wednesday 7th January at 7:30pm.

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