Friday, December 19, 2008

Picking Oranges

Let me ask you a few questions: Have you ever picked an Orange from a tree? Ever picked several Lemons right from the tree and used them for cooking?

Well, i can now tick that from my 'to do' list. I have picked Oranges and Lemons from actual trees and they smell amazing.

Yesterday, myself, Brian and Tracy all popped to see Sarah at her Finca near Santa Eulalia. She has a beautiful place right on a hill and there grows there an abundance of Citrus trees. It's pretty amazing to see them all and now is the time to harvest them and the trees are brimming with fruit, all ripe and ready to eat.

In fact all over Ibiza you can see trees of Oranges everywhere, and quite often I've thought of just stopping the car and winding down the window and nabbing a few. But that's Sarah's house will have to do. Until we grow our own that is.

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