Thursday, February 12, 2009

The White Island

I've started reading a great book by Stephen Armstrong called 'The White Island'. Did you know the name 'White Island' comes not from the drug but from the mineral salt? Ibiza, at one time, was the largest salt producer in the whole of the Mediterranean. As trade and exports increased between empires, a way of feeding the thousands of sailors was required, and thus the method of salting fish became the most popular way of preserving the fish. From our farm you can see the salt flats in Salines, and for many centuries Ibiza made vast amounts of income from the precious mineral.

The book also traces Ibiza's history right back to The Phoenicians. It unpacks the reasons why the Island has always had such a magical pull to such a vast array of bohemians, hippies and pleasure-seekers.

I've just started reading it but hope to learn as much as i can about the Island that i live on.

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