Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So i was chilling out the other day whilst sitting under one of our Fig trees. It's one of my favourite places to think and to journal and above all to reflect. I actually took a picture of this tree a few months ago. It was bare, ugly and didn't have much life to it whatsoever. Yet check these pictures out! I sit under a different tree, surely? This tree is full of life, large green leaves everywhere and now loaded with fruit. The fruit is not ripe yet, but in a month or two we'll harvest the figs.

One thing strikes me - if you were to look at the surrounding area you'd see that it is extremely dry and there's no water around. The land is unforgiving. Yet there is life in this tree. It seems a fig tree can grow in the harshest of conditions. How true of my life. At times i feel dry, lacking water and lacking in life, yet life is there, with the promise of fruit to come. How exciting!

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