Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Formentera = Paradise

I've just had two very good friends called Tim and Nick stay with me for a long weekend we've had such a great time. Both the guys have been to Ibiza several times before and have both been involved in 24-7 Ibiza in some way or another.

Since I've been coming to Ibiza, I've wanted to visit the small sister Island of Formentera that lies about 20 miles to the south of Ibiza. We had talked about going last summer, but never got the chance, so we made an extra effort to get across. It's a very small island, with not alot of people living there, but the idea is to lie on the secluded beaches and not to interact with people. It's definitely the playground of the rich and famous, judging by the amount and size of the yachts on show.

The sea was the clearest I've ever swam in, and it felt like paradise to lie on the sand and get totally rested. When you have your best friends around and you are in such a beautiful place, it's hard not to feel so blessed.

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