Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adventures in the Lakes


Me and three friends had such a good time walking in the Lake District last week, which is why i've not been blogging recently. We drove up on Tuesday night and stopped in Sheffield at a friends house before making our way to Buttermere in the North West district the next morning. We had some great views of Lakes Buttermere and Crummock respectively and you could see the mountains in the reflection of the water....awesome! We stayed at the YHA in Buttermere.

Our first day of walking began with a gentle walk as we started late in the day and didn't want to be caught out in the dark. We saw the highest waterfall in England and had some fun wetting each other. It became clear early on that all of us, with the exception of the wise and discerning Jon, would turn into teenage boys and end up playing pranks and trying to out do each other at every turn. But you'll be pleased to hear that as well as having lots of fun and banter, we also spent time talking about some of the own adventures that we're on in our own lives.

Day 2 was an early start to get some serious walking/scrambling in. At one point we walked through a valley with mountains all around us and i was thinking how we'd actually get over the huge peaks before us, but we found a way up and over. We managed to traverse through the peaks and lift ourselves over and enjoy some time wasting with some stupid pond jumping and getting very wet. That evening we played poker after an amazing pub meal - like, the best food i've had for ages. Why is it that when i'm in a quiet English pub I just have to have some English ale? Love it!

We climbed Great Gable on our last day (899 meters) and finished off in the pub in Wasdale. The views were amazing and we got a chance to pray together too. This was the toughest of all our climbs, with the highlight being the views and the pride in getting to the top. Getting down was, as you can imagine, far quicker, especially when we slid down some extremely steep parts on our backs, but then wasted time river jumping onto frozen snow.

The Lake District is an awesome place with breathtaking scenery. I hope to go back there really soon. Loved every minute!

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