Saturday, February 27, 2010


The YWAM ship 'Next Wave' is anchored just outside Ibiza Town for a few weeks and on Friday just gone we had 6 eager volunteers helping us to paint the Centre. What could have taken Tracy, Brian and myself a week, we did in one day. And 2 coats too. How awesome are young, up for it volunteers? Everyone needs them!

Apart from having loads of friends who have done a YWAM Discipleship course (and everyone seems to have loved it), I don't know much about YWAM. It's been good to meet some of the course members and leaders and to actually get to know what the ship's function exactly is, why they are in fact on the ship. It seems that the ship is a floating base that trains missionaries up and sails around the South Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Spain etc) placing the trained up disciples in new cities to get on and do it.

YWAM are keen to establish something more permanent here on the Island and so it's exciting to know of their heart for Southern Europe and for some, Spain in particular. Who knows what God is up to. I wonder if something will develop over the coming months?

I did take some photos, but my battery died so i'll upload them when i get them sent to me. The Centre is now nearly done, and just needs some creative people to let loose on the place and I think it'll look amazing.

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