Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pacha: Dancing and Eating!!! Love them both.

Had such a great end to our Prayer team. Since they were such great people and really gave themselves to praying and helping us get ready on many levels, we treated them to an amazing night.

I booked us a table at The Pacha Restaurant and we rocked up for 10:30pm (that's how we roll) and sat down and enjoyed some amazing food. We ended up getting filmed for a Spanish tv channel and so the management gave us the wine for free - result! (I told a little white lie and said 'i usually eat in Pacha' - sorry God - couldn't help it - got caught up in the moment). I shared Beef Carpaccio with Mike to start off, then went for the Scallops for my main and finished it all off by sharing 4 different desserts. Best dessert was the Pistachio one. WOW!!!!

The genius bit about eating at The Pacha Restaurant is if you spend a certain amount you get entry into the club for free. In the summer, tickets to Pacha cost anywhere up to €75 for the best nights, so it pays to have a meal first. We might even do this again with some of the other teams.

By the time we finsihed our meal and had a coffee it was nearly 1am. We stopped off at the car for a quick red bull to give us some wings and then headed to the Club for a boogie for a few hours. It took us a few choons to get our groove on and shake off the food we'd just demolished, but soon we were all tearing up the dancefloor. Best bit was hearing a choon with the lyrics 'I'm gonna give you devotion' which we all loved.

I think the Prayer team were all SUCH legends. They fully deserved such a treat like this, and it was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of such a great week. Guys, please come again!!!!

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katrina said...

sweet! excited for you about the summer. and a little jealous! x