Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Housemate

So my housemate arrived to my flat before i did, as my flight was delayed by that 'ash cloud'. I was hoping to straighten out and give the place a spruce up, but luckily Brian and Tracy gave it the once over and made sure his room was ready. The ash cloud meant i was 6 days late, but it wasn't all bad as i was able to get more time in Northern Ireland with my lovely lady Christine!

It's great to have Neil here, and i'm already enjoying sharing a house and having some good company. He's an outdoor legend, so i'm hoping he'll take us all rock climbing or kayaking. He's the kind of guy to trek across the Alps on his own for 2.5 weeks....legend!

It's his turn to cook tonight, so i'll let you know how that goes....this could be make or break!

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