Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dave the Rave

I went to a funeral yesterday to remember and celebrate a guy called Dave the Rave. I got to know him through the English speaking Church here in Ibiza. He had cancer for the last 2 years, and although he put up a strong fight against it, it eventually took him.

I hung out with him quite a bit over the winter, as he lived by himself for quite a few months and was a mad football fan. He had Sky Sports and it was always on when i popped round, and it helped that he was a HUGH Man Utd fan. I watched many a game with him in his house. He was such a gentle man, always smiling and always ready to crack a really bad joke.

He had a very colourful life, and once hearing a few stories of the things he used to do, right from a DJ on cruise ships to being a strip-o-gram, you can tell why he got his name 'Dave the Rave'.

The funeral was sad, but also full of laughs, and he would have wanted that. His coffin was drapped with a Man Utd flag, and Bob the Vicar included a few of his corney jokes, which he is famous for. It was sad, but also awesome in knowing that he is with God now, and well and safe. I'll always remember him.

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