Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lifehouse 'Everything'

Lighthouse's 'Everything' is a such a powerful drama that i showed a couple of weeks ago when i preached. My talk was about how God has rescued us from darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of His son Jesus.

The drama (thanks Claire Ison for the inspiration) tells the story of Creation, when God made humankind and taught his creation to live right and dance in step with him. But it's not long before she is tempted and led astray, and walks away from God. She gets tangled up in image, starts to drink and soon gets into deep trouble, within which she cannot break free.

The whole time that she is seperated from her Father the Creator, he is watching, waiting and desperate for her to return to Him. But she is trapped, and unable to break loose. Suddenly, whilst on the edge of despair, she tries to break away but the bad stuff in her life but they take hold of her and keep her captive. After some time, God jumps in and fights on her behalf, over-powering the demons in her life. They fall away, and before you know it, she is free and safe and He dresses her in pure white.

It's such an amazing clip, and one which took my breathe away as i thought just what God has done for me. It made me cry to think that God fights for me and has done so much for me through Jesus dying on the cross for me. God has set us free in Jesus Christ.


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Jojjo said...

I love this drama, a drama group from a church near us did it on a youth conference and it touch my heart so deeply! Esspecilly the part in the end when she starts running towards Jesus but everything stands in the way, but when she reatches him everything is calm! Be blessed!!