Thursday, August 28, 2008

Es Vedra

The current mission team that have been with us for 10 days. They're great people, some very good friends. All me!

This is called 'Es Vedra'. It's one of my favouite places here in Ibiza. It's basicaly a huge rock that is apparently the third most magnetic place in the world. No one lives there, apart from the odd animal here or there.

The reason i love this place is that last summer, on my way back from taking someone to the airport, i had some time to kill and so made my way through the winding roads and took in this amazing view. It was awesome, seeing God's creation and just drinking it in. I spent time thinking and praying about possibly moving out here and working with the 24-7 Ibiza team. I wasn't here long, but just long enough to say to God that i was willing to follow Him and follow His call to come to Ibiza. To go on an adventure!

And here i am!

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