Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hed Kandi

Tonight we're heading to Ibiza town to go to a night called 'Hed Kandi' at the club El Divino. I'm well excited as i've not been to a Hed Kandi night before. It's an English night, so i'm expecting it to be packed with a mainly British people, but as it's in Ibiza town as opposed to San Antonio, there'll be more of a mixed, cosmopolitan crowd.

I'll take some pictures and videos and upload when i'm give you a feel for the night.

We've got Katrina Pike coming tonight to stay for 6 or so weeks, and Helen and i are really looking forward to her arrival. She is a quality person, full of God and love for life, so she'll really bring something to the work here, and to our house.

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