Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"This is the start of something"

Michael was praying the other night about moving forward and taking new ground and into his mind came the line 'Gonna break down the doors'. He wasn't too sure who produced it, and I remembered that it was Erick Morillo feat. Audio Bullys.

I forgot i had his CD somewhere, so last night we took it to the prayer room and during our prayer time we played that track, and we both realised just how good the lyrics are to this song.

'Enter the darkness, the beats marching in, the lightening now begins, don't ask what's happening - This is the start of something! We gonna break down the doors, we gonna break down the floors, this new thing is mine and yours, but what is it? It's gonna break down the doors, it's gonna break down the doors. Look to the skylight, push out your fears, the fine light now appears, it could take years and years, or it could take days and days - it depends on the game you play, it depends on the names you say, at the end of the day we all put the same, light the flame.'

Good lyrics yeah? So we're in the West End praying last night and there was a huge power failure across the bars and clubs, and everyone was out on the street, enjoying being brought together because of the power cut. There was darkness everywhere, and we felt we should be out there, just praying about the darkness and being in the midst of it. We knew the power would eventually come back on, and it did, and then a cheer went up.

God is up to something. He has been for years here in Ibiza. Yet is this the start of something new? Our prayer at the moment is simply: God, please break down the doors!

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