Monday, September 8, 2008

Saying Goodbyes...until next summer.

'I hate strong'. (What film is that from?)

So it's that time of summer when many of the workers here in San An are leaving to go back to the UK. Many go back to jobs, to Uni, to look for jobs, to make fresh starts. Some know exactly what they'll be doing, others have no clue. I've heard a few times the line: 'time to go back to reality'.

It's quite sad for me to be saying so many goodbyes to such quality people. Many have become friends and ones that i'll miss. I've seen them nearly every night, danced with them, eaten with them and generally hung out with them. There have been some great times. It'll be hard in the winter, with no tourists nor workers. But loads of them are coming back here next summer for the season, and that means we can continue where we left off. I'm well excited about that.

We've also seen the last of the summer mission teams that have come here and served us. We've had 7 teams in total, and in numbers that is roughly 50 people. All have given their holidays, their annual leave and their money to come and help us, and it's been awesome. The impact that they have made is immeasurable. The prayers prayed, the conversations, the time and energy helping people and being kind.

It's also the time of year when the clubs start to close. Many of the big nights are having their closing parties in the coming weeks, culminating in the mother of them all: Space closing, on Sunday Oct 6th. That is going to be very special, a real end to the season here.

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