Monday, September 15, 2008

'Sing like no one's watching'

Helen, Michael and myself went along to the Full Moon party last night at The Hippy Market as guests of Gospel House singer Kym Mazelle. She was supposed to be doing a live-band-gospel-house-thingy-ma-bob at 3am, but she only arrived a bit before that and it became clear that there were some considerable set-backs. We found out that she was supposed to be inside the club with her live band but they had set it up outside. So instead of her doing her live band thing, she was going to sing her famous track 'Young hearts run free' inside the club.

As we waited with her, Michael told her that all our friends (workers in the West End) were in the club and encouraged her to sing out what is on her heart and to be free to sing about God and shine in the club. She took those words on, as all i can say is, 'She rocked it'. It all was nearly not going to happen, as the DJ didn't seem to have a clue what was going on, and if it weren't for Michael stepping in and sorting out the microphone, she wouldn't have been able to sing. But for about 15 mins she sang out her prayers, her love for God, and the message to 'come home' over the DJ, which reminded me of the story of The Prodigal Son'. I'm so glad that she didn't sing her song, as it was so right that she sang over the top of the DJ and freestyled. The three of us were loving it, and it was clear after she finished that many people were touched by her words and her passion for God. I was blown away, as i love it when a gospel singer sings over the beats of a DJ. It reminded me of the after parties that me and some friends went to a few years ago at Space called 'In Bed with Space', where Barbara Tucker did the same.

Kym shined like a star in the universe last night, and sang what was on her heart. It was such an honour to dance with her. I hope she does that again in the future.

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katrina said...

AMAZING!!! so happy to hear that!