Sunday, September 14, 2008

'Shining like stars in the universe'

Manumission was a really good night!

We got to Amnesia about 2am and went straight to the main room. Not sure who was DJing, but the music was awesome. At first i found it hard to concentrate and enjoy myself and really dance as there were too many things that distracted me; those around me in costumes; dancers; but especially the video footage of past parties - TV screens everywhere. So we went to the terrace area and Zane Lowe was DJing. He was on the mic quite a bit - i think he liked the sound of his own voice to be fair. He played loads of different stuff, from alternative to drum and bass. The atmosphere was really good. At about 3am the 'show' started, but it came in drips and drabs, and not all at once. It was wierd to keep flicking from dancing to watching, but you got used to it. The show had lots of talent on offer. There was this amazing flamenco guitarist and some Spanish dancers; a Didgeridoo player who was awesome. He played along to the DJ, adding his own stuff. There were loads of dancers, who looked very much Moulin one point it all seemed like a glamorous circus. There were a few shocking moments, which i won't share here, but these are some of the things that came into my mind: 'interesting', 'didn't know that was possible', and 'she must have alot of time on her hands'. We bumped into loads of workers towards the end of the night and hung out with them for a bit. Mike and Claire, the promotors, know how to put on a great show. The DJ played some great choons too, and i really felt i could shine and go for it. I love when you're dancing and just in the way you look at others and dance you can communicate something to them. You can even invite someone to dance with you too. I love those connections.

Tonight we're going to a party called 'Thailandia' - a Full Moon Party which is happening down at the Hippy Market at Las Dalias. Our friend Kym Mazelle is doing a live PA. She has invited us as her guests. It seems like the whole Island is going. We met with Kym this week to hang out and eat and pray. She hopes to shine in her music and her singing. It should be great fun to be there. I'll let you know how it goes.

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