Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Sixteen on the Finca!

So we've been at the Farm for over two weeks now...and it's going really well. It is such a blessing to now be connected to the outside world with the installation of the Internet! To be honest I've liked the time away from it all...

We've just said good-bye to two of the most fantastic, generous, gorgeous and funny people that you'd ever have the honour of meeting. They're called Robb and Sally and they came on Tuesday for a few nights to hang out and see our place. They're good friends with Brian and Tracy, but now i get to call them friends. They also came for some rest and relaxation too too, which i think they got, being as far away from any desk and office as you can on our hill. They are a constant source of blessing to us all, and i hope they visit again for more fun and laughs.

Today was full of searching out for fallen trees, cutting, chain-sawing, dragging and axing. It was great fun, and we have tons of wood to keep us going for at least a week or two. The day finished with a meal together and then we made our way home.

This place really does feel like home for me. I feel like I'm still settling though, and i know it'll take time to adjust. But it's so much fun!

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