Sunday, January 11, 2009

God's answer to prayer

Over the last 6 weeks i have been praying alot about finding a solution to our housing situation. As many of you know, Helen and i live together in a rented house, which we began in April of last year. You might also have heard of our 'Finca' that we're moving into this Wednesday 14th January. If not, where have you been?

The 4 of us signed the contract to the 'Finca' at the start of December knowing that there was a level of risk to our commitment, namely the fact that Helen and i were signed up for a whole year on our current location. I suppose it was our step of faith! The risk for me meant moving into a new place with new rent and still honouring the contract to my old house. This would have been totally impossible.

But today i received the best news! Someone is going to be moving into mine and Helen's house and wants to be in THIS Thursday (15th January)! Talk about perfect timing!?! I mean, there have been times that i've been very stressed and worried about this situation - but once again i've been humbly reminded that God is my provider and knows the right time to remind me of that! I'm so happy and so thankful. I have no words right now of just how thankful i am for God's provision.