Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving House

Tonight I moved 2 car loads of my stuff up to the Finca. The roads were really quiet and although at night the bumpy roads up the hill aren't great, I managed with a full cargo. I'm really pleased with my room, and the house in general. I cannot wait to get into our kitchen. There's a bread oven, an open fireplace and lots of seating area. I'm sure that'll become the place we all want to hang out in during the colder winter nights.

God is totally providing us with all that we need too. People are really supported this new phase in soo many ways, but particularly people feel like that if they cannot physically come out to help us move, they want to give financially. We are being totally blessed as there are several key things that we need to really make this Finca our home.

For me, the main thing we need is a decent second-hand 4 x 4. The road up to the Finca at present is dreadful, and i know the car that Helen and i share is about to give up the ghost. If you have an old 4 x 4 kicking about and not being put to good use, then I'd love to hear from you!

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