Friday, September 11, 2009

Gods PR

Here in Ibiza, most bars and clubs employ several people to act as PRs - in other words their job is to try to persuade you to go into the bar and buy some drinks, offering all sorts of drink deals and selling their bar as the best place to dance in.

The other night, someone said that we are PRs of God, and in a sense, she was totally right. We are not based at a particular bar trying to get people in (which makes me think of Church), and we don't have any alcohol to give, but we do offer many other things. One of the main things that we offer and which is such a witness, is a free lift to either the medical centre or to the hotel to people who end up getting into a drunken state whilst drinking in the West end. We also offer prayer, either by asking them to write it on a prayer request card which we'll pray for later, or usually we offer prayer right there and then on the street (which is by far the more exciting method).

So in a sense we are God's representatives, which on one hand is such a huge responsibility, yet on the other hand fills me with such excitement. What an opportunity to be a witness to the many people who come here on holiday? To be His voice, His hands and feet as we walk about. To share our story, to pray, to talk about faith and belief and life and death.


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