Friday, January 22, 2010

I still believe in kindness

Whilst living at Bob and Clare's, I got the privlege of sharing with a guy called Glen who was also lodging there. He was awaiting the Spanish coursts giving his passport back after being unfairly imprisioned, and now he's home after being on the Island for 18 months solidly. I enjoyed his company and it was great seeing him respond to the love and the kindness of the Anglican Church. I think they really made a lasting impact upon his life.

I've come to realise too just how kind Bob and Clare are to many people on the Island and just what an impact they've made on the people living here. It reminds me just what a difference being kind has on people's lives. And it's not about just giving money either. That's sometimes giving to a poor guy on the street or donating to a larger global issue - that doesn't take much effort. But it's being generous with your time, with your gifts, with your own skills too. That's what makes a difference.

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