Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Apartment

Good news at the mo: I've found an apartment, and it's a lovely, pretty new, 2-bed place. It's very close to The Heasley's place, which is great, and about 5 mins to the sea. I can't wait to make it my home and finally unpack boxes and feel like i have space.

It's been great to live at Bob and Claire's place for over 2 months - they've been so kind to me. Yet the whole time i've been there i've had an unsettled feeling, knowing it's not my own place and i can't really unpack all of my stuff and spread out. I''ve felt in a kind of 'in-between' stage for some time now. It was actually quite wierd coming back to Ibiza Christmas; I really was aware just how much i missed my friends and how much i miss living with other people. I think not having my own place did not help, and now that i finally have somewhere, i think i'll feel much more settled.

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