Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving into my Apartment

Feb! Feb! Feb!

Is it just me or has January just taken forever to end? I've been wanting it to be February for a number of reasons, with the main one being that I move into my new place tomorrow morning. I've been looking forward to this moment for weeks. Most of my stuff is still in boxes, and i reckon in just 2 car loads i can move all my stuff. All that i need to do is give the place a clean and that's that.

I'm going to enjoy being a little bit more in the mix of the San An bay and also closer to The Heasley's too. The flat is a good size for only one person, and will be comfortable come the summer when someone else lives with me. I'll get some photos on here really soon to give you all an idea of the layout. It's got a really lovely community area with a swimming pool and surrounding garden which looks proper mint!

The other reason i'm looking forward to February is that my girlfriend Christine comes next Saturday for a visit - and i can't wait!

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