Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Jesus Loves Ibiza' Message Bibles

Over the past few months we've been increasingly wanting to design a cover for a small New Testament Message version of the Bible. I'm not sure of the statistics, but each and every summer, we give away at least 200-300 Bibles, to workers, holiday makers and prostitutes alike.

The xxxChurch guys designed the front cover above and we love it, and it was so popular with many of the Ibizan workers. So we're pursuing the idea to get some 'Jesus Loves Ibiza' Bibles, and so far we have £3000 that has been given by various Churches ad charities to make this idea a reality. God is really answering our prayers!

Would you like to help? Maybe you'd love to donate some money to make this happen? Or maybe you are a budding designer and can put together the art and graphics for a funky cover design? If so, do get in touch with me.

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