Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayer Team 2010


We've had the Prayer team out here with us until Saturday, and they were AMAZING! 5 of them are currently undertaking TRANSIT, a year-out with 24-7 Prayer, doing training and living in community and learning about the Bible and Christianity. The other person (Casey) has been to Ibiza on a prayer team 3 times before, so it's great to have her back again.

On Tuesday night we spent 6 hours in prayer and worship, having signed up to 24-7 'Prayer for Europe'. During the evening, we spent time worshipping God and lifting up Jesus and then we gathered together to pray for the nations of Europe that were on the list that week; Ukraine and Iceland respectively. I invited several people from the Anglican church and around 8 or so people turned up which was ace! They joined us for an hour in prayer for our Island of Ibiza and we were all very encouraged. This prayer for Ibiza will take place once a fortnight and I am well excited at the thought that every fortnight we'll be gathering in our Centre to pray for Ibiza.

On Wednesday we spent some time with Roy and Catherine Dixon on their land, praying over their vision to dedicate their land to God for His work. They bought the land many years ago with the hope to build on it, but the guy who sold it stitched them up and the planning permission they thought they had was a complete lie. We all went up to the land – which is beautiful – and prayed with them and asked God to bless them and the land and dedicate it to the Lord.

On Thursday we walked along the coast at Cala Comte (gorgeous beach) up to the watch tower there. We then clambered across the rocks and sat at the very tip and looked towards San Antonio. From there we prayed for San An. It was a special moment, and we read Isaiah 62 once again. This chapter of scripture has just been such a key part of this week, giving us an idea of God's heart for his world.

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