Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing to a different beat - Part One

I am dancing to a different beat.

Of course, we are all listening to the same DJ and the same beats, yet at a deeper level we are dancing to a completely different beat. When i say we, i mean Christians.

What i mean by that is this: when it comes to clubbing i think that Christians are to be set apart and to be radically different - so much so that it makes people think and stirs questions in them. So much so that it enables people to connect with what it is Christians are celebrating when they go out to a club and go dancing. So much so that our lives are a witness to those around us and a testimony to something far greater than the night itself .

At the start of the summer, we got to know a guy who was a friend of one of the workers. He was here for a few weeks and we ended up bumping into him a few times. Whilst out with us in a club, he didn't drink like he usually does, and he ended up having a great night. He put it down to being with us and around us. We loved the night, the music and the atmosphere, and i think it was a huge witness for him to see similar people just having the best time without the need to be on some form of drug. That night he promised himself that he wouldn't head out the following weekend and get smashed like he usually does.

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