Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last night of Streetwork

On Friday night we walked the streets of the West End for one final time. Helen had a great idea to buy some pick 'n' mix sweets and we walked about handing them to workers, which they loved. I was up for going out to 'Wonderland' @ Eden as Faithless were playing but i was just not up to it. Feelings of tiredness and the emotions of the season winding up and saying goodbye to some special people meant that all i wanted was to get some rest.

Having had some rest yesterday, and spending some quality time with God, I'm feeling much fresher, which is just as well as today we're heading down to Space for the Closing Fiesta! We need to be in before 1pm, which is always wierd to be in a club for that time, but it means cheaper entry. I just hope that it doesn't rain, as much of it will be outside and the weather has been pony lately! The line-up is unbelievable - as always - and I'm well looking forward to having a boogie. Am hoping to bump into loads of worker friends and enjoy the day together.

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katrina said...

wahey :-) WELL DONE friend. can't believe another season is over! hope u had a really really good boogie. x