Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clothed v Nakedness.

“Cloth us Lord with your power!” This is my prayer at the moment.

Have you ever had the guts to walk around in public absolutely stark naked? You'll be pleased to know that I haven't – not yet anyway, at least not since I was a little boy. I felt God give me a picture in which I was walking around naked whilst doing our our work at night. Now I know that's an awful thought, yet bear with me. However strange a picture that might be - it wouldn't actually be that weird to see here on the streets of San An; indeed, one is exposed to nakedness on a daily - or in our case nightly - basis.

I felt God was revealing – excuse the pun – something to me. Quite often I just get on and do the work at night without relying on God's power. I know I can do this work, and do it well, yet most of the time I feel comfortable. Am I willing to feel uncomfortable for God? Will I take some risks and dare to look silly? Will I keep safe this summer or get more dangerous? Am I willing to look like a fool?

Yes to all of those questions - but i need God's Spirit to give me the ability to move in power. I'm hungry for it.


Brian said...

I'm all for a bit of natural and spiritual nudity

Fredrik said...

No more mushrooms for you, Bruce. ;)

Matt Davies said...

This is great stuff bruce, challenging! :-)