Thursday, June 24, 2010

God is doing some awesome work!

God really is on the move.

Just not sure how to actually articulate what I feel is happening here in San Antonio. Just last week a girl on our team got chatting to a holiday maker who was extremely burdened and after sharing her testimony, this guy wanted to know Jesus himself, so she led him in a prayer and he said he felt 'light.' How awesome is that?

This all happened whilst we were praying that those out on the streets would get the chance to pray for someone for freedom and to help them break free from their problems. There seemed such a strong connection to what we were praying and what was happening out on the streets.

I really love it when these prayers seem to hit the bullseye so clearly and quickly.

When I came back into the Prayer room and heard the exciting news that someone had decided to accept what Jesus had done, I was totally overjoyed. I think Dan (from the American team) summed up what I was feeling the next day by saying just how much God used all of us in what happened and it wasn't just one person, and I hope that isn't taking anything away from the girl who stepped out in faith and obedience – as that was a key step. But feeling like you've played a part in that happening is so exciting!

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