Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's New?

Sorry I have not been blogging so much. With not having internet at home, and also not really being supposed to use it whilst at work (which is pretty much the usual wherever one works), it's a little harder to get on-line. But I am at at café down the road where I live and getting a chance to blog and share what is going on before I have to be somewhere.

Space Opening

Yes, I did go! You just have to attend THE party of the summer at pretty much THE best club on the Island. Neil (my house mate) and I went together and danced for about 11 hours! We did have a few breaks though, especially now I am getting on a bit. This year, Space decided to host the Opening party over 2 days; previously, it has always been on the first Sunday in June, but this year it was over 2 days. We went on Saturday, and we saw some awesome Djs. I loved Andy Cato (one half of Groove Armada), and Fatboy Slim was also really good. I was hoping he'd play some more of his own music, but alas, he played mainly the big choons that are getting smashed on the Island. I was hoping too that Space would have the outside arena, as Fatboy suits the larger, outside space - but sadly it was on the Sunday they had that – gutted! But it was still a great night. The sunset terrace was amazing, which is outside. Such huge basslines and meaty beats. Jonathan Ulysses was amazing in one of the smaller rooms too. Met some good people whilst chilling out, and also bumped into a few workers I know.

All in all a great start to the clubbing season. I'm not here in Ibiza to go clubbing, but I really think it's an important part of what we do, and getting to 'play' - and by that I mean dance and celebrate at some of these significant places - is a huge treat and chance to lift up God in prayer when out. Awesome!


Fragmentz said...

hi Bruce!

i randomly stumbled across you blog, which I was so pleased to do ... How are you?! Sounds like your probably having great fun, and definitely still in Ibiza.

How quickly does time fly.

I'll this blog to my roll, and keep checking by :)

Fragz - other wise known as Ellie xx
(hope you remember me, lol, from old days at Grapevine/London/various other random places)

子ChristiLavigne11善 said...
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Anonymous said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~.................................................................