Friday, June 25, 2010

Stepping out in Faith

So last night (Monday 21st), I came across a guy on a crutch who had a cast on his foot. It was quite a big cast. I told him, in faith, that God could easily heal his problem, and his friend promised me that if God did heal him, he would 'dedicate' his life to God and become a priest. Suddenly the stakes were raised...I got them to sit down, his friends had front row seats, eager to see God do something, and I prayed.

I told him to get up and walk around....but if I'm being honest, I harboured doubt, unbelief and I lacked faith. He said it felt slightly better when he got up, and after offering some more prayer, he said that he had torn ligaments – as if God couldn't really heal that. I had to suppress my rage at the thought that God isn't able nor bigger than torn ligaments, but I said nothing. It wasn't his fault.

Every time I come across someone with a break, I will endeavour to pray and ask God to reveal his power. I know God is good and His kingdom can break in.

Come Lord.

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