Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Menu

For starters:
Antipasti, focaccia bread, feta cheese and marinated aubergine.

First Course:
Spaghetti with smoked salmon in a creamy, mustardy sauce.

Second Course:
Bed of spinach, followed by some steamed squash and topped with a piece of chicken. I accompanied that with some sauce, made with roasted squash and coconut milk.

Treacle Toffee pudding (which i bought) with some vanilla ice-cream (which i made - although it hadn't set properly so it was more a cold sauce).

Finished with Irish-style coffees, dessert wine and mints!

And the company couldn't have been better. Think i might have to do that again when next visiting! I also had a star helper in the kitchen...kind of like my sous-chef. Good work Ellis!

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