Friday, November 28, 2008

Farming and Spanish

2nd lesson in Spanish today at Solveig's farm. She spent nearly 2 hours on verbs, irregular and regular. It's been so long since I've learnt another language, and, although i am enjoying the challenge, I'm also finding it a tad tricky. But i know I'll cope, and i have the time to really learn and to take some massive steps forward this winter. It's the perfect time.

I feel I'm also being given a lesson in learning how to live off of the land. Solvieg's farm is so self-sufficient. The only electricity she has comes from solar panels on her roof. She grows practically all her own fruit and veg. We were set to weeding her vegetable rows today in the glorious sunshine. It's very hard for anything to be a chore in such beautiful surroundings with the sun shining on you.

So i'm learning. And I'm loving learning all these new things!

I'll post again with more news soon.

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